Friday Pre-Race: Toronto



Wait a minute.  Oh, yea....there's a race this weekend!  Who knew?  While cleanup from the 2012 announcement continues IndyCar hits the streets with a race in Toronto.  You kind of get the feeling something big is going to happen.  The 2012 "car" was announced, Paul Tracy will race, it's a street course, wow how can it get any better?  IT'S ABC/ESPN'S LAST BROADCAST THIS YEAR!!!!  That's how.  How can it get all ruined?  Red Cars.  Damn.  Wait, remember the last time IndyCar made a major announcement mid-season?  It had to do with the Richmond parade in 2009 with Tony George has the sacrificial lamb (about 14 years too late) and instant rule changes.  The result was the Kentucky and Chicagoland epic finishes.  The old IRL was back.  How will the Racing Gods react to the 2012 changes?  If it's another Will Power victory with the other Red Cars following him the Racing Gods aren't totally pleased.  If Tracy and Tagliani enter the final corner side-by-side and exit in a heap of carbon fiber carnage and smoke (again) with a certain car #78 and car #7 clearing the mist screaming for the checkered flag wheel-to-wheel then we might have something here....oh, and Tracy vs. Tagliani Round 2.  Who should you watch for this Sunday?



Yea, he didn't mess around at The Glen.  Really, who DIDN'T see that one coming?  He has OWNED street circuits in which he didn't hit the pit-limiter while on track.  If he doesn't do that again he should cruise to another victory.  He's out to prove that he isn't the slow one.



THE BEST OF THE REST (BEST NON-RED CAR):  Paul "Look out, Helio!" Tracy

Looked a bit slow at the Glen which means the Chrome Horn will be in full effect.  Somebody at ESPN should be FIRED if there isn't at least TWO in-car cameras connected to Paul Tracy.  They should have an bubble window on the screen with a shot of his car during the race broadcast at all times.  Better yet, put the RACE in the bubble and Tracy on the big screen.  Yea, I totally ripped off Jim Rome's idea for watching Kevin Garnett during the '09 NBA first round playoffs.  Why WOULDN'T ESPN do it?  Oh, they're ESPN.  That's why.  Anyways, competitors should keep an eye in their mirrors for this guy.  The only thing that could slow down Paul Tracy is....




Yep, he's his own worst enemy.  He's the only guy I know that can be winning by a full lap and still take himself out.  Hopefully he has mellowed out a bit in his old age and will bring it home in one piece.  Yea, right.



See what I did there?  He's always The Show when he hits the streets.  With him being part-time it makes it even more so.  KV Racing's bill to Dallara won't look pretty again this week.  Is it just me or does the 2012 "strategy" help make a profit for whomever makes the aero-kits for KV Racing?  I imagine people are already lining up at their doors just waiting to be their source for precious carbon fiber.  It's no coincidence that Lotus sponsors KV with Sato and Lotus came out and made a press statement stating that they loved the new upcoming rules.  Hmmmmm....

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