Power Rankings: Edmonton



WTF.  Indeed.  Dallara STILL will be the chassis supplier beyond 2011, yet they won't all be Dallara's?  IndyCar might actually PARK MILKA for good?  A race involving Paul Tracy has drivers mad at each other and destroying one another, yet Paul WASN'T INVOLVED AT ALL?  Paul dive-bombs somebody and MISSES?!?  AND STALLS IT?!?  An IndyCar race starts and a NASCAR race breaks out?  A Twitter World War also breaks out?  THAT was Toronto.  That was (almost totally) awesome (damn you Will...and Justin).  Among the insanity some of the status quo remained with Will Power winning, KV's bill to Dallara growing exponentially, and Mario Moraes remembering that he is indeed Mario Moraes.

For the Friday Pre-Race blog post I posted a picture of Tie Domi and the result was the odd creation of a new full contact sport: IndyCar Street Racing.  Perhaps a trip to Edmonton means for the pre-race blog post I should summon a picture of the Oilers' past greatness in hopes of the race resulting in a finish worthy of The Great One.  That probably means yet another Will Power victory.    So does that mean Will Power tops the Power Rankings yet again this week?  Ho-hum.


1.  Will Power
Previous ranking:  #1 (no change)

Somebody stop this man.  Seriously.  Must we call back Sebastien Bourdais?


2.  Dario Franchitti
Previous ranking:  #2 (no change)

The engine change saga is further proof that this is Penske and Ganassi's "hobby" and the others are just in the way.  Man up, Dario and Chip.  Run it until it "done blowed up."


3.  Ryan Hunter-Reay
Previous ranking:  #5 (+2)

Embrace The Punt.  It shall set you free.  His move on Dixon was further proof that street races are IndyCar's equivelant to NASCAR's short track races (and road course races, plate races, 1.5 mile races....)


4.  Scott Dixon
Previous ranking:  #3 (-1)

Basically said in the post-accident interview that he was having somewhat of a bad year.  Seriously?!?


5.  Helio Castroneves
Previous ranking:  #4 (-1)

How could he NOT know that the Foyt team car was that much slower than him?  That's basic IndyCar knowledge!


6.  Tony Kanaan
Previous ranking:  #7 (+1)

That Blue-White livery was very Forsythe-esque.  The result was therefore predictable: a good solid finish.


7.  Justin Wilson
Previous ranking:  #8 (+1)

Even in an embarrasing defeat he still looked like the bad-ass that he is.  If that race were 15 laps longer he probably comes all the way back.  Oh, wait.  Will Power....


8.  Ryan Briscoe
Previous ranking:  #6 (-2)

Grahammed.  On top of that his wife began the IndyCar Twitter World War.  My advice to Simona with her bad luck after The Glen is the same for Ryan now....lay low for a while.


9.  Dan Wheldon
Previous ranking:  #10 (+1)

Wrecks early again and still gets a Top-10 again.  I'm starting to see a method to his madness....or he proved that KV Racing's carbon fiber really is magnetic.


10.  Danica Patrick
Previous ranking:  #11 (+1)

Stop.  The.  Presses.  THAT'S the DaniCar we've been looking for all year!  I would've placed her even higher had she worn those $1000 heels for ESPN's foot-cam.  That would've been the highest form of taunting....of her ability, not her wardrobe.


11.  Marco Andretti
Previous ranking:  #9 (-2)

Danica overtaking him had to mess with his mind.  Therefore he loses two spots.  He has to find the mojo that got him to the top AND access to the Playboy mansion (allegedly).  Wait, that IS the top.  Forget IndyCar!


12.  Vitor Meira
Previous ranking:  #12 (no change)

Foyt probably does not approve of this twitter fightin' between drivers.  Not only does he consider it childish but punching a monitor won't go through cyberspace and onto someone's face.


13.  Alex Tagliani
Previous ranking:  #13 (no change)

....and here I was worried about Tracy/Tagliani Round 2.


14.  Simona De Silvestro
Previous ranking:  unranked

Her plan worked perfectly (or was it MINE?)....lay low for a week in the alps and come back with new mojo (in this case, a new helmet).  End result?  First Top-10 AND a missed Paul Tracy divebomb.


15.  Graham Rahal
Previous ranking:  unranked

Normally I don't put part-timers on the Power Rankings but he has a deal that ALMOST makes him a full-timer.  Almost.  His punting of a Red Car and Top-5 finish has to warrant a mention and a ranking amongst the best.  Would have put him higher but again not a full timer....nor can he grow the 'stache.




DNQ (bumped from the field)


E.J. Viso
Previous ranking:  #14 (no longer ranked)

The KV Racing Carnival of Carbon Fiber Carnage Tour 2010 is approaching legendary status.  How can there be a recession when somebody has this much money to toss around?  Who DOESN'T believe that when the 2012 chassis discussions were taking place that all companies asked IndyCar that "Is KV going to be on the grid in 2012?" 


Raphael Matos
Previous ranking:  #15 (no longer ranked)

Fell victim to the KVRCoCFC Tour 2010....but seriously, who hasn't?


Alex Lloyd

So when the Citgo money leaves who's going to pay for his chase of the ROTY title? 

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