Power Rankings:  Toronto


Since by this time next week we'll be all over the 2012 Chassis decision I've decided to post Power Rankings just a bit early.  Hell, it's slow at work so that means my lowered productivity gets increased HERE.


Well, that didn't take long.  I guess Penske and Ganassi just couldn't stand someone else invading their "hobby" called IndyCar for more than one week.  The Red Cars were the only leaders, Andretti Autosport once AGAIN ran out of gas, The Princess disappeared, and Milka invaded someone else's space with her ineptitude.  In other words....we're right back to our regularly scheduled program already in progress.  How will that change the Power Rankings this week? 


1.  Will Power
Previous ranking:  #1 (no change)

Pole Position.  Most Laps Led.  Win.  Was there ever any doubt?  A couple more snoozers like this and he'll at least lock up the Andretti Trophy and perhaps the overall title....and lock them up effortlessly just like he does his car.


2.  Dario Franchitti
Previous ranking:  #2 (no change)

"The Mobile Chicane".  That's a new one.  Perhaps this means Brian Barnhardt, who generally only listens to the Red Car teams, MIGHT listen this time about the Milkapocalypse.  Milkapocalypse.  That's another new one.  I'm taking credit for that one NOW.  Sorry, Robin Miller....this one's MINE.


3.  Scott Dixon
Previous ranking:  #3 (no change)

Iceman.  He's ice cold and makes no mistakes.  Riiiight.....and my nickname is Maverick.


4.  Helio Castroneves
Previous ranking:  #4 (no change)

The biggest shock for him wasn't that Scott Dixon attempted such an overtake, but that it WASN'T Mario Moraes.  Or Paul Tracy.  I shouldn't lump Paul in the same paragraph as Moraes....and NO I don't care where they finished at The Glen.


5.  Ryan Hunter-Reay
Previous ranking:  #6 (+1) 

FULL TIME DEAL.  The "16th corner" was just a distant memory to him on Sunday.  Three full-time Americans down, just one more to go....


6.  Ryan Briscoe
Previous ranking:  #7 (+1)

The Captain was most pleased with that pass for second.  He's almost forgotten your past brainfades and accidents.  Almost.


7.  Tony Kanaan
Previous ranking:  #5 (-2)

AGAIN with the late race fuel stop.  Seriously who is in charge of fueling the Andretti cars?  Are they SURE it's the same fuel as the rest of the field?  Only Danica hasn't had such issues yet....hmmmmmmmmmmmm....The ChampCar FTG conspiricay crowd could be onto something here.  Or not.


8.  Justin Wilson
Previous ranking:  #8 (no change)

He upgraded his team and had Tracy as a teammate....and that's the BEST he could do?  Seriously?  He blew away the Red Cars with Coyne equipment last year.  I (and he) was expecting him to push the button to unleash the Lightning Bolt from Mario Kart and OWN the field.


9.  Marco Andretti
Previous ranking:  #10 (+1)

Like I said before: get hopes up early, fade late, repeat.  It's the Andretti way.  To his credit he didn't fade too far, but he didn't exactly look great to start....


10.  Dan Wheldon
Previous ranking:  #12 (+2)

The National Guard car and Boy Scouts of America car collide on the 4th of July with Brits driving both.  Yep, makes sense.


11.  Danica Patrick
Previous ranking:  #9 (-2) 

I don't know what's worse....getting punted by the oldest guy in NASCAR, getting beat by the oldest guy on the IndyCar grid, or consitently NO SHOWING on the twisties this year.  Her ONLY moments of happiness was watching her gender rival hitting the wall in front of her and Kanaan running out of fuel and finishing behind her.


12.  Vitor Meira
Previous ranking:  #11 (-1) 

Now THAT's the Foyt team performance we all remember.  Sadly.  Jinxed by me.


13.  Alex Tagliani
Previous ranking:  #13 (no change)

Was it just me or did he purposely lag behind Tracy as much as he could Sunday?  Bad news, Tag....two more races to go.  The good news is that HE could be the one out of F-ing cars if you two tango again.


14.  E.J. Viso
Previous ranking:  #14 (no change)

Another one bites the dust....Just how DEEP are KV's pockets?  Do they get discounts from Dallara?


15.  Raphael Matos
Previous ranking:  unranked

This is how much Penske/Ganassi had a stranglehold on The Glen: the highest finishing non-Red Car has a Penske as a co-owner.  Figures.

DNQ (bumped from the field)


Alex Lloyd
Previous ranking:  #15 (no longer ranked) 

Only fitting that where Dale Coyne Racing had their greatest triumph ever is where they (or perhaps the car) remembered they're just Dale Coyne Racing and end a semi-hot streak with a DNF.  That's what I get for calling his performances with Coyne's equipment "Foyt territory".  JINXED.


Takuma Sato
Right-click here to download pictures. To help protect your  privacy, Outlook prevented automatic download of this picture from the  Internet. 5_medium_medium

It was going so well.  At least he didn't add to KV's bill for Dallara.  Again. 


S***** D* S********

I do root for her like post people do.  Result?  JINXED.  So from now on I won't refer to her by name.  Since winning the Indy 500 Rookie of the Year honors she's had 3 DNFs, 1 roasted toasted Dallara tub for the dumpster, 1 burned hand, 1 hit tire changer, and even more lost parts with her wreck at The Glen.  Things aren't going so advice to you is to lay low for a little while.  It seems like she's way ahead of me on that one.....aaaaand of course even that isn't without an issue.

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