Friday Pre-Race: Chicagoland



A moment of silence please for Chicagoland Speedway.....



With its NASCAR date moved to cancel IndyCar's late-summer date and the possible open warfare between IICS, NASCAR, SMI, and ISC it appears the wildest track in the IRL's short history will be gone. 

The Cup Series date now closer to IndyCar's (among the other recent Cup date moves) is NO accident.  IT'S ON.

The moment Tony George went bye-bye, the IZOD deal and The Cowboy took over it appears the "good ol' boys" at NASCAR decided that it's time to treat the IRL as a real competitor.  The 800 Pound Gorilla saw Bruton Smith buddying up with IndyCar and didn't even think twice.  Your prestigious opening Chase race at Loudon?  BYE!  Atlanta?  POOF!  ONE RACE ONLY!  Kentucky needs a date?  Okay, but only to show them fellers what REAL racing is (complete with BS debris cautions and 10 second margins of victory) and how much better it is than IndyCar "racing" ("Racing" in IndyCar??? HAHAHAHA!  Hear that Jethro?  I made a funny!)

It's sad not only to see a once great race fade away, but it's possible the good people in Joliet may see its track slowly disappear as well.  A Cup date during BEARS SEASON?  REALLY????  You would stoop to that level?  All this to cloak IndyCar's date in August?

Actually, this shooting themselves in the foot could be a blessing.  Anything to spite one of THE WORST racing affiliated corporations in the land.  It really is time to begin the Tiger Woods-level divorce with ISC.

But Chicagoland....  *sigh*

Anyways, with that off of my chest back to the preview of the race.  Even with the ovals you should know the drill with those damn Red Cars and all....but which one?


THE FAVORITE (BEST RED CAR):  Scott "Jenga Master" Dixon

Look at him.  Like in the video he appears beaten and his title chances weak at best....only to prevail with such boring awesomeness.  Adding to that is the extra motivation of Briscoe beating him by 0.00000000000001 of a second (or so) last year. 



THE BEST OF THE REST (BEST NON-RED CAR):  Tony "Yes, I do carry a jar of caramel everywhere I go" Kanaan

Just stay away from The Princess and you're good to go.  What is it with you two and ovals and having to get together?




It's no longer funny.  Why?  On ovals it STOPS being funny.




So with yet another Red Car winning (and another KV car wrecking) the REAL question is the margin of victory.  Will it be more or less than 0.001 of a second?

Considering this is the supposed final race of Chi-town, I'm thinking of a Viking funeral with all of its epicness.  So 0.0000000000000000000001 of a second it is (with 6 passes for the lead on the last lap, give or take 5).

We'll miss you.  Rest in peace.

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