Friday Pre-Race: Kentucky


I wanted to like what happened at Chicagoland.  I really do.  The danger, side-by-side action, SARAH LEADING, KV Racing's friendly-fire pit incident, it all seemed great.  Two obvious things kept me from getting too happy about the race: yet another Ganassi victory and ISC.  Those two are IndyCar's greatest threats today.  Forget attendance and forget the TV ratings.  Hell, forget the economy itself and lack of sponsorship.  With the same teams winning each week and NASCAR ISC kicking us (but mostly racing fans) out to the curb it's hard to share any euphoria with some fans. 

That takes us back to one year ago….Richmond.  The Parade.  The death of the Tony George era.  The rule changes.  Push to Pass.  Aero options. 

Then we went to Kentucky….AWESOMENESS ENSUED.

Will we see that again?  Oh I think so.  Will Ed get his revenge?  Will we see another Red Car win YET AGAIN?  Will Ashley Judd come out of hiding (where has SHE been?) looking like THAT?


THE FAVORITE (BEST RED CAR):  Ryan "@NotNicoleMB 's husband" Briscoe

For somebody (allegedly) who is in danger of losing their ride he just has a knack for stepping up when it matters on ovals.  He does have a tendency to blow it, however.  Perhaps "Checkers or Wreckers" really is his nickname.  Accept it Ryan, unless you want Nicole and not me to give you a better one.  If that Versus pre-race special was any indication, it won't be.  Never let your "old-lady" make personal nicknames or phrases public.  Graham Rahal must've laughed his ass off watching that on his TiVo.




Who knew that our best hope (and was last year) to break the Red Car's winning streak is Tony George's stepson.  Robin Miller's head would explode if this guy wins.  His weekly mailbag inbox will be full of viruses, spam, and the same kind of porn scientists force pandas to watch in order for them to actually mate….in other words nothing would actually change a whole lot.




At least they're taking each other out again and not others.  Better yet they're doing it in the pits and away from the crew rather than at 200 MPH….for now.









.....ALMOST FORGOT.  Drivers beware: THE MAN has returned.

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