The Paddock Pulse: May 25 Edition

INDIANAPOLIS, IN - MAY 22: Ryan Hunter-Reay, driver of the #26 Team DHL/Sun Drop Citrus Soda Dallara Honda, watches the scoreboard as he waits to qualify for the Indianapolis 500 on May 22, 2011 at Indianapolis Motor Speedway in Indianapolis, Indiana. (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

Hello, IndyCar fans! Glad to see you have stopped by to see the latest wordings from IndyCar's citizen journalists. Tony Johns is taking a break this week - I am Eugen Tigh Tullment, brand activator for Sun Drop and DHL sponsorships, and I have wonderful news for you!

I am sure you are all aware that our clients have been on the receiving end of some very unjustified image issues in the past couple of days with regards to certain events at the Indianapolis 500. We are very cognizant of IndyCar fans' passion for the sport, as well as your passion for Sun Drop's refreshing taste and DHL's lickety-split delivery services!!

To that end, we decided that we would do our part to bring those passions together! More than anyone, we are proud of freedom of speech, but we are also committed to FREE ENTERPRISE and corporate opportunity - thus, we have bought the titles and descriptions of this week's blog links!! (Some of which are very, very unfair to us, but we understand that everyone has an opinion. Although we are very hurt.)

So enjoy these links, but more importantly - ENJOY A FRESH BOTTLE OF SUN DROP WHILE DROPPING OFF YOUR PACKAGES AT YOUR LOCAL DHL!!!! This way, we all win!


The Sun Drop/DHL Links List

  • Sun Drop - Yummy yummy yummy!
    The year was 1949. On a sunny day, a soft drink loving man named Charles Lazier was cruising around town in the family car, noodling over his lifelong dream to make the ultimate citrus soda. We're not sure why he was dreaming of citrus soda, but why ask why?

  • Sun Drop - Beverage genius!
    In a sudden burst of genius, the formula for a revolutionary thirst quenching, authentic taste sensation came to him. He scribbled it down and gave it to his son Charles Jr. (a.k.a Charles Numero Dos, Charlie Two-Times, Charles Double Dutch) who would go on to create the one, the only, the Sun Drop.

  • Sun Drop - Loyal generations of drinkers!
    Sun Drop was launched regionally in 1951, and developed a passionate following, creating generations of deeply loyal Sun Drop drinkers who knew a good thing when they drank it. As time went on, flavors were added, the fan base grew and the secret of this indescribably delicious beverage could no longer be contained.

  • Sun Drop - No more smuggling!
    At long last, the days of smuggling Sun Drop across state lines are over. 2011 marks the year that Sun Drop will be available nationwide. So clear some space in your fridge, it's time to Get Dropped.

  • DHL is Part of the World's Leading Logistics Group, Deutsche Post DHL
    DHL offers integrated services and tailored, customer-focused solutions for managing and transporting letters, goods and information.

  • DHL: Four Divisions – One Brand – One Provider – All Your Solutions
    DHL comprises four divisions. These segments operate under the control of their own divisional headquarters. The Group management functions are performed by the Corporate Center. We have centralized the internal services which support the entire Group, including Finance Operations, IT and Procurement. This consolidation enables us to increase the flexibility of our business, improve service quality and leverage economies of scale and cost benefits.

  • Corporate Responsibility at DHL
    DHL is committed to making a lasting and positive change in the world by using our combined knowledge in ways that benefit people and the environment. Our three strategic focus areas of involvement GoGreen, GoHelp and GoTeach reflect our business world as well as our global responsibility for society.

Driver Tweet of the Week

@Andretti26: The rule allowed the swap. We need sponsors in order to do what we love to do. #JobSortedNobody crucified Conquest last year. Come off it.

Last But Not Least


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