Twin 275's give us somthing different and a new bad guy/team.

Where to start...

Dario made a strong point after qualifying on Friday that he thought they should just invert the field for race two.  His reason was pretty good. If you have championship contenders that finished close to each other they would both have the same traffic issues in the second race.  Instead, IICSwent with a blind draw for the fans which resulted in exactly what Dario was afraid of.  Will Power draw the third starting spot and Dario drew 28.  If Dario would have quickly made his point and moved on we would all understand, but he refused to let it go.

Let me move back a bit before I get back to my new "favorite" person/team.  First, I like the idea of running the Twin 275's.  I think they should have inverted the field for the second race but they didn't so we move on, hey TCG did you see how I did that, I made a point and moved on.  Dan Wheldon had a great idea.  First race full points.  Second race, blind draw, which I thought was pulled off quiet well albeit a little gimmicky, no points just a big prize i.e. $500,000. 

I was very impressed that only one caution fell and that was relatively harmless, 2 rookies with no Texas experience.  That being said I thought the lack of cautions actually hurt the races as the leaders had fairly large advantages over the competitors.  The first race had a good ending which was aided by the lone caution.  The second had a great start and was very fun to watch until the first pit stops and then everything fanned out.  There was still good action in the middle but Will Power took advantage of a lucky starting draw and Dario's unlucky draw.  That is all I really have to say about the race.

For me the major story was the non stop whining and crying, actually it was bitching and moaning, by Target Chip Ganassi.  The entire night seemed to take on a "Everyone is against us" feel.  You had Chip constantly crying about having to pass traffic, which I can understand because lapping other cars has NEVER EVER BEEN AN ISSUE BEFORE/SARCASM. Dario and Scott both had the same complaint after race one.  Then the ultimate in irony.  Dario spent so much time voice his displeasure over the "blind draw" that karma bit him in the ass and he drew the 28th starting spot for the second race. Now, let me preface by saying I agree with what he said on Friday.  Inverting the field is a bettert idea.  That being said, they didn't move on.  He still managed to come through to finish second, Will Power added to his worst case scenario by winning the second race and adding to his points lead.  The problem I have is Dario's, and the whole TCG teams, inability to move on.  The post race comments did a lot to give the IICS some villains, which I don't think is a bad thing.  I can understand if you are a small team and you are not in a winning position very often.  But for TCG to complain at all is like some one getting a million dollars in nickels and complaining about having to roll the change before they can take it to the bank.  I am a firm believer that sometimes shit happens. I want to see how you deal with it, do you dwell on it or do you say alright this is the hand we were dealt lets make the best of it.

I am very excited to see Milwaukee next week, although I will have to wacth on DVR as I will be in Disneyland with the family.  The last 3-4 weeks have been some of the most interesting in recent IICS history and a return to a tight track like Milwaukee followed 6 days later by another Saturday night race, this time at Iowa, should make for a very fun month of June.

Anyway, maybe I am reading too much into the actions of TCG it's just what my thoughts are..

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