INDYCAR: Friday Pre-Race Preview (Edmonton)

Hear the rime of the ancient mariner...

Okay, today I was supposed to do a pre-race preview of the race in Edmonton this weekend and have it done by now.  However, due to biblical flooding canceling practice and general mischief by the drivers and teams I got sidetracked temporarily...but only temporarily.  Okay, it was my own laziness and being sidetracked by my own brand new website. (SHAMELESS PLUG!  CHA-CHING!)

Okay, after a week of so and so being a "wanker" and this and that driver being dumb and dirty and whatever, we've got actual racing this weekend on a brand new track layout.  The last time we were on a brand new track it got kind of nuts on TURN 1.

So, who will be the ones to watch and to watch out for at Edmonton?

Remember, after Toronto last year we also had drivers yapping back and forth at one another and they calmed down for the race in Edmonton.  Almost all of them.


Nobody comes in more motivated this weekend than him.  A motivated Will Power on a road course spells disaster for the rest of the field.  If he wants to win that championship he must start his charge now.  Knowing him, he will.  Unless of course either Dario or Helio are anywhere near him on a restart.



With a nice podium finish at Toronto and a good showing last year here on the old layout he should be good to go to start salvaging what has been a disappointing season.  With Conway and Andretti having wins this year it's his turn to step up to the center of the victory podium.  This weekend could be his best shot.



Ah, King Sato.  He was up to his old tricks again at Toronto.  Now with this new layout with more passing zones, hairpins and WALLS it means only one thing:  someone's going to get a Japanese Chrome Horn.  Or it could be his own self getting it.  Either way, Dallara's going to get PAID this weekend.  Again.  Straight cash, homey.

Yes, I know he ran well here last year.  Again, the more walls and hairpins on a course the more likely a tow truck is called his way.

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