Haiku Tuesday

HAIKU TUESDAY: Fun while it lasted

It was bound to happen. The fun can only last for so long. Then one day, you turn around, and it's gone. As a man once said "You never miss it until it's gone away". Oh, you thought I was only...

HAIKU TUESDAY: More Penske/Ganassi schadenfreude...because MOAR

Are we living in a Robin Miller wet dream? If so, WHERE'S MY SEVEN TENDERLOIN SAMMICHES? Anyways, this is almost too much to handle. It's been HOW LONG since Penske/Ganassi won a race? Has the...

HAIKU TUESDAY: Happy Penske-Ganassi Schadenfreude Day

Today we celebrate Penske-Ganassi Schadenfreude Day, a wonderful time of the year. It's a time for merry IndyCar fans to bask in the glory of the Red Car Empire's defeat and laugh at Chip Ganassi and Roger Penske while they clean up the mess.

HAIKU TUESDAY: 2012...The Final Offseason?

HAIKU TUESDAY: The Final Offseason?

HAIKU TUESDAY: Getting lucky in Kentucky

HAIKU TUESDAY: Getting lucky in Kentucky

HAIKU TUESDAY: The Rising Sun sets over IndyCar

IndyCar conducted its final race at Twin Ring Motegi, Japan, over the weekend. Appropriately, we wrap up the action in haiku.

HAIKU TUESDAY: Getting in the sushi mood

Appropriately enough, the IndyCar folks are headed to Japan - a perfect time for another edition of Haiku Tuesday!

HAIKU TUESDAY: IndyCar in a merry land

Haiku Tuesday memorializes the weekend that was at the surprisingly successful IndyCar Baltimore Grand Prix.

HAIKU TUESDAY: Nap-a Whine Country

After a hiatus, the ever-popular HAIKU TUESDAY recaps the previous weekend's IndyCar action through poetry.




Haiku Tuesday: The 100% Humidity Edition

A very wet ITAIPAVA Sao Paulo Indy 300 inspired some haiku to help chase away the dampness that dogged the IZOD IndyCar Series this weekend.

HAIKU TUESDAY: Samba juice

A week off might be good for the mind, but haiku is good for the SOUL. Explore the latest INDYCAR topics through the medium of poetry with HAIKU TUESDAY.

HAIKU TUESDAY: Long Beach F-Bomb Edition

How better to recap the IZOD IndyCar Series Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach than through the medium of haiku poetry?

HAIKU TUESDAY: Giant spider edition

Pop Off Valve's Haiku Tuesday plumbs the recent IZOD IndyCar Series race at Barber Motorsports Park for inspiration.

HAIKU TUESDAY: Everyone needs a Barber but Trump edition

Racing is sometimes called poetry in motion, but sometimes we write ACTUAL poetry. Pop Off Valve wraps the latest news from IndyCar racing into the comforting arms of haiku.

HAIKU TUESDAY: Turn One Carnage Edition

Sometimes you can only express your true feelings in verse. HAIKU TUESDAY takes on the IndyCar weekend that was at St. Petersburg.

Haiku Tuesday: We're Baaaaaaaaaaack... Edition

The IZOD IndyCar Series kicks off its 2011 season this weekend, and HAIKU TUESDAY is back to celebrate!



INDYCAR: Haiku Tuesday (Winter Hiatus Edition)

The final "Haiku Tuesday" of the 2010 IndyCar season - you won't want to miss this!

INDYCAR: Haiku Tuesday (Don't Let It End Edition)

Haiku Tuesday ushers in the run-up to the 2010 IndyCar season finale!

INDYCAR: Haiku Tuesday (Post-Motegi Edition)

The penultimate round of the 2010 IZOD IndyCar Series season took place at Motegi, Japan, and fittingly Pop Off Valve has the weekend wrapped up in haiku to celebrate!

INDYCAR: Haiku Tuesday Motegi Edition

You won't need a 14-hour plane flight to get your taste of Japanese culture! This week's race at Twin Ring Motegi is previewed in Pop Off Valve's Haiku Tuesday.

Haiku Tuesday: My Old Kentucky Gas Tank

It was a hot time in Kentucky as the IZOD IndyCar Series rolled onto another big oval. Pop Off Valve recaps the Kentucky Indy 300 through verse in another edition of Haiku Tuesday.

Haiku Tuesday: Breathe into a bag edition

Pop Off Valve's Haiku Tuesday feature waves a wistful farewell to IZOD IndyCar Series racing at Chicagoland Speedway after a thrilling event Saturday night.

Haiku Tuesday: Ludicrous Speed Edition

Will Power's win at the Indy Grand Prix of Sonoma was sheer visual poetry. Pop Off Valve commemorates the event with poetry of the written kind in our weekly Haiku Tuesday feature.

Haiku Tuesday: Wine Country Edition

Ease your IndyCar off-weekend blues with another dose of Haiku Tuesday from Pop Off Valve!

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