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Mourinho, Ferraris and loserdom


Chelsea manager Avram Grant was shown the door Saturday. He was also publicly humiliated by former Blues boss Jose Mourinho -- if you choose to buy into The Guardian's misinterpration of quotes for...

An Assortment of Hodgepodge


15 Questions Reader Tick Tick Tick (given name, I presume) handed out this little questionnaire earlier in the week and I thought it was fantastic. So I figured I'd answer it, and if you haven't, I...

Martedi Mercato ; Matteo Moves to Milan ?


Not exactly the same stripes, but you get the idea Ferrari’s contract at Roma is ending at the end of the season and his renewal isn’t going well. Seems like Matteo Ferrari is headed to AC Milan...

Those Dastardly Rumors


Alessandro Faiolhe Amantino Mancini Most have already heard about this little nugget, that Mancini's nuck-futter of an agent, Gilmer Veloz, was up in Milan discussing a possible transfer with...

Rumors: In Maverick & Charlie We Trust


(Pic generously donated by The Marco) This is like Christmas season. You know how you start to see one or two Christmas displays or hear a random Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer thrown into the...

@#$%in' Hell...Mancinigate


Roma-Palermo preview here, now onto the bullshit. Stay Away From Mancini, You Hear?: Here's what we know: i) Mancini has been left out of today's squad despite being on the bench against Inter. ii)...

Palermo v Roma Roma Roma


Roma Roma Roma: The wait is over and the much anticipated season opener has arrived. I'm stoked, you're stoked, we're all stoked. The game against Palermo will take place Sunday evening at 8p in...

Season Preview: Defense & Keepers


The Back Five: Roma's biggest question mark for the next few weeks, if not the season, will be the back four - or back three if Luciano Spalletti decides to switch things up a bit. There are a few...

Game Time, For Some (Alright, A Few)


Super Coppa: The first pseudo-quasi-semi-official game of the season is tomorrow, and the first kinda-sorta-maybe real trophy will be handed out to someone. Probably whoever scores more goals. If...

Mostly Fluffer, A Little Nutter


The Francesco Modesto Watch: The loss to Juventus has reportedly thrown the management into a frenzy and instead of passively sitting on their ass and waiting for the offer of a lifetime to come...

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