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Passion is no excuse

Passion is part of being a fan. But there is an ugly side to passion, particularly when it is used as a weapon or, worse, an excuse for vitriol. When I caught myself gloating about the empty stands...

The three-headed monster of Indy 500 fandom


The Indy 500 has always meant many things to many people, but its meaning needs to be updated for the modern sports fan.

The Paddock Pulse: May 9 Edition


What could be better than the fast-approaching Indy 500? Not much, but almost as good are the contributions to the festive atmosphere from INDYCAR bloggers!

Pessimism is our birthright: Coping with IndyCar fan skepticism


IndyCar fans of the current generation can sometimes sound like characters from "Great Expectations," thanks to decades of uncertainty and the series' waning popularity.

Today in Terrible Ideas: An IndyCar road race at the Brickyard...?


There's a rumor that INDYCAR might stage a second race at the famed Brickyard on the track's road course. Even New Coke wasn't this bad of an idea.


IMS veteran Ron McQueeney retires after 40 years

Longtime Indianapolis Motor Speedway photographer Ron McQueeney retired today after 40 years at the legendary speedway.

We don't need no stinkin' aprons


A grassroots movement is afoot to restore the aprons in the turns at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Pop Off Valve explains why that idea is not worth your time.

The SBNation Indy 500 Primer: The Experience


You walk off the jetway at the Indianapolis airport in May and the first thing you think of is humidity. It may be raining - in fact, it's likely to be at least misting or sprinkling. It may be...

The SBNation Indy 500 Primer: The Brickyard and the 500-Mile Race


Perhaps all you need to know about just how long the Indianapolis Motor Speedway has been around is that in 1909, the year when the facility opened, the Pittsburgh Pirates were the World Series...

Voice of the Institution:Tom Carnegie 1919-2011


The longtime voice of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway was silenced today. Read more about the life of Tom Carnegie.

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