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Liverpool March Madness: The Final

We're down to the final in Liverpool March Madness, with the man who has defined the club during the past decade going up against Liverpool's best from the 80s and 90s.

Liverpool March Madness: Final Four

We're down to the final four and the last week of voting for the most important Liverpool player of the Premier League era, and two of John Barnes, Ian Rush, Jammie Carragher, and Steven Gerrard...

Video: Liverpool v. Bolton, 1995 League Cup Final


The rampant success of the early 1980s gave way to a fairly quiet decade for Liverpool in the League Cup, with the 1-2 result against Arsenal in 1987 their only appearance in a final of a...

Handshake Conspiracies, Downing Stats, and Other Wednesday Notes


We promise, there's actually some news today that isn't about Luis Suarez, Patrice Evra, handshakes, racism, the London press, the English FA, or Manchester United. I think. Maybe… * But first...

Video: John Barnes on Racism in Football


It's a bit of an unexpected grab-bag today, with plenty of newsworthy tidbits but not a whole lot to really sink our teeth into, so we've got a few highlights to hit before getting to the video...

The Daily Diatribe: My weekend sucked and this week's not starting out much better


* First, I lost my hard drive on my laptop, which was my own damn fault, and after reinstalling all the necessary drivers and other utilities, I went to download a program that ended up being a...

I'm blogging as fast as I can, sir!


Who's up right now? It's 4:40 a.m. in Milwaukee and, after working the night shift at the paper, I'm staying up a few extra hours to watch the Champions League draw live, er, sort of on this here...

A list of coaching candidates for Michigan

Here is a list of potential candidates for the Michigan coaching position left open after Kevin Borseth's resignation yesterday.

HAIKU TUESDAY: Turn One Carnage Edition


Sometimes you can only express your true feelings in verse. HAIKU TUESDAY takes on the IndyCar weekend that was at St. Petersburg.

The Power Of Relentless Optimism


And folks thought ... that was just some kind of shallow words ... from our prodigal son. I really don't know where to start? We have heard the snickering, lampooning, sneers ... from all over...

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