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Teamus? Sit Down For Duck Face And Crumpets

WWE was in Manchester, England, for the Nov. 8, 2010 edition of Monday Night RAW. And Santino Marella asked Sheamus to join him and Vladimir Kozlov for some tea and crumpets so they could let...

Ducks Gameday: 2013 Sucked.


2013 sucked and the Sharks suck. Ducks @ Sharks.


Linda McMahon returns as a political blogger

In a surprising move, the Huffington Post has decided to feature Linda McMahon as a political blogger. This came with an exclusive interview, where she likened WWE to a Batman movie when asked...

Glenn Beck burial expected on WWE Monday Night Raw

Bryan Alvarez of f4wonline.com has reported that Glenn Beck's public dissing of Jack Swagger's anti-immigration heel character likely saved his push and that WWE is expected to bury Beck hard on...

RJ Brewer responds to WWE stealing his gimmick

Brewer claims he knew it was only a matter of time before someone else took advantage of his press and success, and that he doesn't need a machine behind him, HGH or to be protected by a phony drug...

Linda McMahon wins Republican Party primary


As the New York Times reports, Linda McMahon comfortably won Connecticut's Republican Senate primary last night just like she did in 2010. The formula to her victory over Christopher Shays in the...

Former vice president nominee, Sarah Palin, and former Miami Heat star, Glen Rice, had a one night stand


In a new biography set to publish on September 20th, Joe McGinniss claims that in 1987 when Sarah Palin was a sports reporter in Alaska she had a one night stand with then, University of Michigan basketball player, Glen Rice.

DONALD TRUMP: "You're fired" from Indy 500 pace car


Donald Trump is no longer the Indianapolis 500 pace car driver after backlash from his public political stances and comments overwhelmed the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Contrary to Linda McMahon Campaign's Assertions, World Wrestling Entertainment Lobbied on Legislation


Even Linda McMahon's campaign spokesman Ed Patru had to admit that her choice of words "could have been more precise" when she was caught denying "spending lobbying dollars in Washington" to Tea Party activists earlier this year. But Patru then lied himself when he claimed that "WWE never sought to influence any particular piece of pending legislation". In fact, WWE spent money lobbying against Joe Lieberman’s Media Marketing and Accountability Act of 2001 which sought to impose new sanctions on "targeted marketing to minors" of adult-rated motion pictures, music recordings and electronic games.

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