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The Paddock Pulse: Jan. 27 Edition

I suppose I could title this edition of Paddock Pulse, "Where the heck did January go?" That's right, we're almost to February, which means we're one step closer to the launch of the IZOD IndyCar Series' 2010 edition. As usual, the fact that we aren't racing yet hasn't stopped folks from talking about racing, so check out some of the buzz around the blogosphere that you might have missed.

  • Miller's Mailbag, 1.27 []
    It's another week and it's another Robin Miller mailbag. Predictably, most of the first batch of notes are about Tony George. It starts ugly and stays that way, with plenty of spin doctoring from the peanut gallery. At one point, someone even asks if Gerry Forsythe might come "rescue" the IRL. That should tell you just about all you need to know. Thankfully, the discussion does venture into more interesting Delta Wing territory on the second page.

  • The IRL Should Look For What, In A CEO? [Oilpressure]
    George Phillips over at Oilpressure delves into what sort of qualifications the hypothetical new CEO of the Indy Racing League should possess. My take: not being Tony George is not nearly enough, Mr. Belskus.

  • pressdog Loves the Ladies: Alison Macleod [pressdog]
    The P-mutt goes off the grid to highlight another high-speed hottie: Alison Macleod. The fact that Alison is a member of the Ford Racing development program - and, therefore, destined for a life in tin-tops - seems to matter not a whit.

  • ABC/ESPN Should Take A Page From Its Past [Oilpressure]
    Not surprisingly, the revelation that Marty Reid is going to be anchoring the IndyCar broadcast booth again has failed to inspire much in the way of celebration. Okay, let's put this simpler: AAAAAAARGH! Over at Oilpressure, George offers an alternative: Paul Page. Me? I'd have gone with Vince Welch. (Side note: geeked that local boy Rick DeBruhl will be joining the IRL coverage.)

  • IndyCar, Ennui & Where Is This Ship Going ? [PaddockTalk]
    My favorite IndyCar press imp, Annie Proffit, weighs in on the future of IndyCar racing and introduces the word "ennui" to a racing lexicon that has until recently been dominated by the word "schadenfreude." Time to rev up those dictionaries, folks!

In other news...

...Pop Off Valve has launched an online store. Let's get this out of the way now - it's strictly entrepreneurial. I want to spread the word about the site and merchandise is a good way to do it.

That said, here's the beauty part. All proceeds I receive from the sale of POV merchandise will be donated to charity. My plan is to rotate charities depending on world events (for example, this month I'm donating to the Red Cross' Haiti aid program), but when the world scene is quiet I plan on donating heavily to cancer and autism research.

So check out the store and pick up something for a good cause. I even have yellow shirts, folks. That's serious IndyCar gangsta-ism, yo.