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INDYCAR: 10 Things I Miss From The 2010 IndyCar Season

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SPARTA KY - SEPTEMBER 03:  Simona De Silvestro of Switzerland driver of the #67 Team Stargate Worlds HVM Racing Dallara Honda sits in her car during a rain delay on September 3 2010 in Sparta Kentucky.  (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)
SPARTA KY - SEPTEMBER 03: Simona De Silvestro of Switzerland driver of the #67 Team Stargate Worlds HVM Racing Dallara Honda sits in her car during a rain delay on September 3 2010 in Sparta Kentucky. (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)
Getty Images

HEY, YOU!  WAKE UP!  Maybe if the season didn't end so long ago the IndyCar realm wouldn't be such a boring and barren place right now.  It's been what, two months?  No?  Three?  NO?  Not EVEN on month?!?  It's felt longer than that.  Maybe if I had a calendar it wouldn't feel so long and I wouldn't have lost all track of time.  

Anyways as you can tell I miss the IndyCar season.  Also with the lack of blog posts and such from the IndyCar online communtiy I'm not alone.  This season in particular was one to remember.  Sure, the Red Car Faction dominated yet again, but there was much more than that.  There were many, many things that I miss from it but I'll try to narrow it down to a Top-10.  Hey, SOMEBODY's gotta post SOMETHING to hold us over and keep us awake.

In no particular order (except for the first two, because they ruled) here are the ten things I miss from the 2010 year....

The Swiss Miss
At this time last year if you mentioned the name Simona De Silvestro I would assume you were talking about some obscure Italian actress or a damn chef from the Food Network.  In December I began to learn.  I read about some girl from Switzerland testing at Sebring as fast as the boys with the small HVM Racing team.  After doing some research about her Formula Atlantic career I thought to myself there really might be something here talent-wise.  Then I heard the Swiss accent.  Then I saw the face.  About a year now has passed and although I'm not at Pressdog's level of creepiness fandom as he is with Sarah Fisher, I am knocking at the doorstep.  Damn you, Switzerland.

THAT is how you start a season.  A cloud of blinding dust, KV racing divebombing and parking cars on Marco's head, a new leading lady, a severe storm and a winner with a nice comeback story.  Oh, and there was hail, flooding, power outages, a plague of toads, Jack Arute debuting his new tan....and other examples of all Hell breaking loose.  But since it was Brazil, it really shouldn't have been all that surprising to us.  Can't wait for the 2011 version.

Propmaster J
With low TV ratings Versus tried something drastic.  What did they do?  They shoved a camera to Jack Arute's face and tied bowling balls to it.  Then Jack proceded to almost bust his ass live on a bunch of marbles.  It didn't end there.  With exposed fan blades, cheese graters and a globe (to finally prove to him Japan was in the NORTHERN Hemisphere AND the world wasn't flat) he gave us plenty of entertainment and laughs.

The Delta "Thing"
Over the winter I read about a "concept" IndyCar that had no wings, weight half as much, cost half as much, would break track records and could be powered by a small and cheap powerplant that would intice the entire automotive world to return to IndyCar.  I was, like the rest of you, VERY intrigued.  Then we saw it.  Uh-oh.  I got to admit it has somewhat grown on me AND I love it on paper (200 mph top speed at Long Beach???) but I'm glad it's gone....for now.  I do love how it came to be.

Wow.  I didn't think she could get worse....but she did.  I couldn't be any worse.  In the words of the great philosopher Jeremy Clarkson "How hard can it be?"  At the very least we learned that IndyCar's version of double-secret probation is the exact same as NASCAR's.  In other words....meaningless.  Have fun in ARCA (if that's REALLY where she's going....we hope).  I have to admit, I'm going to somewhat miss her ineptitude at turning right.  No wonder she's going down the stock car route.

KV Racing Wrecking Service
Name me ONE greater failure.  Okay, the 2008 Detroit Lions was probably worse....OR WAS IT?  Was it that expensive and dangerous as the KV wrecking crew?  Did it start off as badly as the FIRST TURN on the FIRST LAP of the FIRST RACE?  Well, the '08 Lions have an AWESOME tattoo to commemorate the occasion....we get something a little less permanent (which may be better).

The IZOD Trophy Girl
We all win.

The Son of 'Stache Saga
FOUR cars (#67, #30, #02, #66), THREE teams (Sarah Fisher Racing, Rahal-Letterman Racing, Newman-Haas Racing), just ONE driver.  Graham Rahal.  The Grahammerican.  I don't think we've seen a driver switch rides as often in just one season....but I imagine Donald Davidson will email me stating that "In the 1927 racing season there was a driver named Henry Stanley McDonaldson who drove in the Team Smithson Special during the month of May, until he wrecked it and then joined the Hammersmith Team with their new diesel powered car and qualified 23rd and finished 17th.  In the next four races he joined three other teams before building his own car and starting his own team at the last race.  The team would go to be sold six times over the years and shut down three times before a young Roger Penske purchased what remained to start his own team."

The Twitter War
The carnage of Toronto had angry drivers expressing their anger at each other through the use of cyberspace instead of their fists at each others faces.  See, NASCAR?  This is how angry race car drivers express anger in a semi-civilized manner.  No need to use cars as weapons to express (fake) distain with others to increase ratings.  That whole "NASCAR is the WWE of racing" joke....kind of came true, didn't it?

My First Real "Month of May" Experience
I grew up in central Indiana, so I knew how much of a big deal the 500 was as a kid.  This year was the first time I went to a practice session, Carburetion Day, and the Race itself.  Funny, just a handful of years ago I was a hardcore NASCAR fan with ZERO interest in those damn ugly "Crapwagons" of the IRL.  Being a CART-era fan growing up it is damn nice to see Indy become Indy my world, anyway.


Honorable Mentions

The Rise of the Pippster
Funny what a broken hand will do.  Some drivers would've quit or at least taken it easy.  Not Pippa Mann.  Two poles, a second place finish and a BEATDOWN of a win at Kentucky was proof that I might need to bust my hand if I want to be any good at driving.  #HirePippa, indeed.


Oh, Swift 33, 50, 66, I will miss you all.  I hate spec-racing in top level motorsports, but for you I would've made an exception.  They were the best looking racecars that never will race.  Sadly.

The best command outside of Indy.  Ever.