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INDYCAR: The Paddock Pulse (October 6 Edition)

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Paddock Pulse Splash
Paddock Pulse Splash

There's a great reason not to be too sad that the IZOD IndyCar Series season is over and that it will be several calendar years before the next race. And that reason is THE INDYCAR BLOGOSPHERE.

Sure, most of the bloggers smell funny, live under bridges and eat rancid cheeses while scrupulously manicuring their toe hair and cultivating naval lint - or I assume they do, since as a blogger I extrapolate the general living experience from my own personal life. But the collective wisdom or lack thereof more than fills the vacuum of official news and all that mainstream media stuff that people perplexingly put so much stock in.

Hit the jump for the latest batch of bloggy greatness!

  • Willy T. Ribbs Report: Miami [The Silent Pagoda]
    If you haven't heard, this season may be the last for the Pagoda. With the advent of's official blog and Hobbson's descent into madness from sucking the pancreatic juices of Latvian Horned Steppe Badgers, the future looks uncertain for the Snark Capital of the Racing World. Negotiations are ongoing, from what I hear, but Paul Tracy is waiting in the wings with a giant check to make sure he doesn't get outbid again. (And by giant check, I mean he got one from "The Price is Right.")

  • Dreyer & Reinbold: Ryan Hauptstueck, Bodywork & Wings [More Front Wing]
    If I were mean, I'd say that the name "Hauptstueck" sounds like a sneeze. I'm not mean, though - I'm a genuinely nice guy who pretends he has Tourette's Syndrome - so I'll say that it's about damn time that team members got their due. Although I must say that MFW might be biased about their choice of profiling, considering Ryan's job. There isn't a "More Rear Attenuator" blog out there, is there?

  • What Should Tony Kanaan Do? [Oilpressure]
    I'll tell you what Tony Kanaan should do. He should take his kid with him to sponsor pitch meetings. No executive with a heart (which means that excludes companies like BP and just about every large corporate conglomerate in the United States) would be able to turn him down. Shameless exploitation of his children? Sure. But it's an election year, so he'll fit right in! BAM!

  • Opinion: Is There Shame in Being a "Ride Buyer"? [Open Wheel America]
    A better question might be, "Is there anything more AWESOME than being named after a frickin' LION?" I say to you: NO! What a stellar addition to the pantheon of IndyCar blogger nicknames: Pressdog, Meesh, Ponch, DalbSteph, and now SIMBA! Oh, and also, you might want to check out his blog. That's the "mane" thing. (I'm going to hell for that one.)

  • The Happy Birthday Sarah Fisher Commerative Stalker Archive [pressdog]
    There is something sublimely creepy (or creepily sublime? You decide.) about Bill's preoccupation with Sarah Fisher. Before we go on, it's quite innocent - not nearly Goldbergian levels of stalkitude - but MAN, does the guy have it bad for Mz. Fisher. How bad? He's opening a Dollar General store IN HIS BASEMENT. On the plus side, he'll have plenty of groceries to eat during tornado activity.

  • The Championship Celebration [IndyCar Official Blog]
    The good news about having an "official" IndyCar blog is that, instead of uninformed and spurious snark like you might get from, I dunno, me, you get all sorts of cool stuff like insider videos and "YOU ARE THERE!" live blogging. The bad news is that there is one less blogger credential to be had at IndyCar races, which would really concern me if I ever made it out of my mom's basement long enough to go to one.

  • Cafe do Brasil Indy 300 [the_race_gIRL]
    The problem with doing race PREviews is that when you get linked by other sites after the fact, you run the risk of looking bad on your race picks. But Monica NAILED her pick for third place. The best part about this article isn't the race picks, though - it's the way Monica introduced "triumphant kickstand" to the lexicon. Which I am totally going to rip off as a name for my new Buddhist freeform funk band which I will debut in the off-season. We're going to absolutely ROCK Japan.

  • Will Power Has Had A Profound Effect On Team Penske [Versus/Olson]
    The fact that Will Power basically choked away his chance at winning the 2010 IndyCar championship should in no way stop you from reading this fine profile of one of our two favorite Penske Racing Aussies. He'll bounce back like a kangaroo and sound his battle cry on a didgeridoo and come back like a boomerang to challenge in 2011. FOSTERS! CROCODILE DUNDEE! BATHURST! That's it, I got nothing left.

  • Kanaan Kicks "Silly Season" Into High Gear [You Don't Know Jack]
    Does anyone know of a Parentheses Overuse Support Group? Jack might need to start going to one after this latest blog on IndyCar's burgeoning silly season. His "career" as a "blogger" might be "in" jeopardy if "he" can't put the reins on the "whole" "quoting thing." "I'm" "not" "joking."

Final Thoughts

In January, Pop Off Valve will celebrate its first anniversary of existence in the IndyCar blogosphere. It's a certain bet that we wouldn't be anywhere near where we are now without the support and friendship of our fellow bloggers out there in the 'sphere. It's why The Paddock Pulse was one of the first features we implemented here at POV and why we will continue publishing it every week - knock on wood - regardless of whether IndyCars are racing or hibernating. I want to offer my sincere thanks to every IndyCar blogger, wag, pundit, snarkster and word butcher for being kind enough to drive a few folks our way and I honestly hope we've reciprocated even a little bit through The Paddock Pulse. SKOL!