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INDYCAR: Power Rankings (End of Season)

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POV Power Rankings Header
POV Power Rankings Header

"In my experience there's no such thing as luck" - Obi-wan Kenobi

Really?  Scott Dixon ran out of fuel on the very last turn of the 2007 finale.  The 2009 finale never saw a yellow flag, forcing Ryan Briscoe and Scott Dixon to pit.  The 2010 finale saw who's arguably the best driver in the series find the wall.  Dario's dominating luck is border lining on Jimmie Johnson-esque levels…

….oh, almost forgot.  He's married to Ashley Judd.  That puts him over the top.

Or maybe it really isn't luck after all?  A wise old racer (and one of my all time favorites) once told one of his secrets to his many many victories is that sometimes the best you can do is put yourself in a position to win… and let circumstances dictate the outcome.  Dario was right behind Dixon when he ran out of fuel in 2007, he saved his fuel to coast to a win in 2009 and was out in front when Will Power tagged the wall this year.  The circumstances were there for Dario, and each time he put himself into position to benefit from those circumstances and claimed three unanswered titles as a result.

The Power Rankings End of Season Review shows us that it's just Super Dario's world and we're just paying the rent.  Those who aren't (allegedly) will be cast aside.




1.  Dario Franchitti
Previous ranking:  #1 (no change)

Perhaps if Jimmie Johnson had a Scottish accent and a Hollywood wife he would be liked far more and hated far less.


2.  Will Power
Previous ranking:  #2 (no change)

Left turn-haters = thoroughly owned.  Not so easy after all.


3.  Helio Castroneves
Previous ranking:  #3 (no change)

The way he ended his season puts him as one of the favorites for the 2011 title.  Of course, he's been a favorite for a better part of a decade.


4.  Scott Dixon
Previous ranking:  #4 (no change)

He finishes his most lackluster season in a while with a win.  Something tells me it won't be so lackluster next year.


5.  Tony Kanaan
Previous ranking:  #6 (+1)

Congratulations on being the best non Penske/Ganassi driver.  Here's the door….


6.  Ryan Hunter-Reay
Previous ranking:  #5 (-1)

Congratulations on being 2nd best non Penske/Ganassi driver.  Here's the door as well….?


7.  Ryan Briscoe
Previous ranking:  #7 (no change)

"Next year" Penske says, so I guess he's safe.  Having one less Red Car would've been good for us.  Not having Nicole around….would've probably been better since she isn't allowed to doesn't tweet anymore.  @NotNicoleMB, what would we ever do without you?


8.  Dan Wheldon
Previous ranking:  #8 (no change)

Files a lawsuit against Panther (though settled) and it's possible he might return?  Only in IndyCar, I guess.


9.  Danica Patrick
Previous ranking:  #11 (+2)

Beat TK at the line AND took his sponsor AND kicked him out of his ride….perhaps it's Princess' world and not Dario's.


10.  Marco Andretti
Previous ranking:  #9 (-1)

That winless streak graphic Versus keeps bringing up….dad, are you seeing this?


11.  Alex Tagliani
Previous ranking:  #10 (-1)

At times he looked good this season.  It's a feat considering how new this team is.  Should be stronger next year.


12.  Justin Wilson
Previous ranking:  #12 (no change)

Memo to Justin: if you're gonna move, move to a team with at least a couple of oval wins in its history.


13.  Graham Rahal

Previous ranking: #15 (+2)

A decent finish….but even bigger is that he's full time next year.  Welcome to the Ride Buyers Club, young Son of 'Stache.  Here's the official hat.


14.  Vitor Meira

Previous ranking: unranked

A good end to a season should keep AJ happy.  For now.


15.  Alex Lloyd


Previous ranking: unranked

Ended his ROTY title fight with a solid finish and in one piece....unlike his "teammate".



DNQ (Bumped from the field)


Bertrand Baguette


Previous ranking:  #13 (no longer ranked)

Wasn't a great ending but a decent second-half to a rookie season.  Not bad for a ride buyer.


Raphael Matos


Previous ranking: #14 (no longer ranked)

Could end up getting TK as a teammate since de Ferran wants to expand… or could lose his seat since he hasn't done much.


Simona De Silvestro

The well was and is dry.  If they don't buy a new tub and extra equipment she won't make the 500 in 2011.  If they do, this team could be the most improved for 2011 (unless KV stops wrecking next year....BWHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!)