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Tweet Tweet, Danica said what?

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I really like Twitter, don't you? Follow the right sportswriters, and it feels just like you're in the media room taking part in interviews with drivers and owners. Follow the right drivers and you get a ringside seat for the Twitter Wars that roiled IndyCar this past season. Remember when drivers/spouses took pot shots at each other through social networking?

This may or may not escalate into a new Twitter War, but I was fascinated by the following set of tweets today coming from Texas Motor Speedway, where Danica Patrick is continuing her education in all things NASCAR by running the Nationwide Series race on Saturday, Nov. 6.

The tweets come from Nate Ryan, the motorsports writer for USA Today and one of the best to follow if you do Twitter. Ryan was tweeting from Patrick's post-practice session interview at TMS, and evidently she was asked for her view on Tony Kanaan's departure from Andretti Autosport:

@nateryan   Danica Patrick says she was a little shocked by departure of Tony Kanaan; she thinks he expected to end his career with Andretti. #indycar

Patrick continued with this:

@nateryan   Patrick also sez she & Kanaan weren't best of friends after their Texas tangle...a race where she grew closer to Marco Andretti. #indycar

And, on the subject of whether or not TK's departure will affect the chemistry (Ed: don't you love it when athletes start talking about high school science classes?) at AA

@nateryan   Now that she's tighter w/Marco Andretti, Patrick sez Andretti team dynamic shld be OK in absence of Kanaan. "We can all be leaders" #indycar

Four minutes after that last Ryan tweet, this crossed my feed from the Twitter account of Kanaan himself:

@TonyKanaan  Some people statements make me laugh HARD......hahahahahaha

Now I'm not sure who exactly TK was tweeting about there, but it does make me wonder. 

Did I tell you how much I like Twitter?