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INDYCAR: 10 Things I WON'T Miss From The 2010 IndyCar Season

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Unfortunately, in 2010 PT still stood for part-time.
Unfortunately, in 2010 PT still stood for part-time.

Well, like most people in the so-called business of journalism blogging there must be a goodbye of sorts for the outgoing year.  Now I already did that WAY back in October, but I guess since I am a great example of pure journalism blogger there MUST be some sort of negativity.  Most journalists that I've known through the years aren't exactly rays of sunshine (my mom STILL doesn't like him).  So, with that in mind I must look back at 2010 and find 10 things I could have done without. 


It's Ganassi's World and We Are Just Paying The Rent

So what DIDN'T he win last year?  Okay, so he didn't win the NASCAR title (but with that 10-race format, no one else will), but every big money race had him standing there in victory lane.  Everybody thought Dario was washed-up.  He's won two straight IndyCar titles with Ganassi.  Everybody thought Jamie MacMurray was finished after being fired by Jack Roush.  He won Daytona and The Brickyard while poor Jack has to keep telling himself that keeping David Ragan instead was better for the future.  Yea, right.  With Ganassi conquering the realm of North American racing it has to irritate The Captain.  As we found out in December we didn't like him when he was angry....


Penske Purchases IndyCar's Offseason....Among Other Things

With 2010 in his eyes being a failure The Captain wasn't going to just sit there and take it.  That's NOT what The Captain does.  Sponsor after Sponsor offered to join in his quest to destroy The Chipster in 2011.  In his mind it wasn't enough, so he looked at the struggling Andretti Autosport and poached IZOD away.  The over/under for victories is currently 10 1/2.  Take the over.  This will get ugly. 

Oh, and speaking of Andretti....


The Sinking Ship Known as Andretti Autosport

These guys were our only hope against the onslaught of the Penske/Ganassi rivalry.  WERE.  7-Eleven departed as soon as the 2010 season ended which meant Tony Kanaan was a free agent.  Gone.  Then IZOD looked to being more focused at being the title sponsor.  Next thing you know their logo is slapped onto the side of a Penske machine.  It's unknown if they can fill the 4th seat vacated by TK, but as of right now their longest tenured driver is....Marco.  Their 2nd?  Danica.  Start crying now and start preparing for the perfect Red Car storm.  It could be 2009 all over again.


Lady Starstruck....She's Nothin But Bad Luck

Back in 2004 in my NASCAR watching days, I became a fan of legendary Bill Elliott's replacement Kasey Kahne.  He showed speed right away and looked strong....but couldn't get that elusive win.  Exploding tires and Tony Stewart kept him from what he should have had that year: a victory.  Fast forward to 2010 and another rookie I like gets jobbed week-in and week-out.  Sure Simona De Silvestro had a few rookie mistakes here and there, but she and her merry band of HVM Racing deserved much more than just two Top-10s.  Everytime late in the race she's going to get a good finish (or simply finish ahead of Danica) an anvil falls from the sky.  Could it be that Danistar was dealing in mystical powers?  (AIM FOR THE FLAT TOP!!!!)

While we're on the subject of You-Know-Who....


"NASCAR'S Own Danica Patrick!"




Yes, it featured Helio going batshit crazy, but really IndyCar didn't need that.  Why Brian Barnhart is still employed is beyond me.  Sure Helio MIGHT have taked a defensive line but it wasn't "blocking".  If it indeed was then how did Will Power get BESIDE him?  If it was blocking Helio did a poor job of it.


Texas Toasted

The fact that Alex Zanardi is walking and breathing amongst us was proof that North American Open Wheel Racing had world-class safety crews.  As for now?  Meh.


ESPN, The "Worldwide Leader in Sports" Being Anything But

Talk about finding new lows....actually I WAS going to post something here but instead lets cut to Vince Welch about tire strategy.


PT still PT

KV Racing looks like it's going to re-hire Sato, Viso and Moraes....yet Paul Tracy is still without a ride and a part-timer at best.  Yea, because that make sense.  Jimmy and Kevin have WAY too much money for their own good.  Paul, look somewhere else.  You deserve BETTER.  I hear a former ChampCar team is looking for a 2nd driver (even though it's a ride-buyer ride).


Farewell, Silent Pagoda

Goodnight, sweet prince.



So here's to the year 2011....may she be a damn sight better than 2010, even if she's already being considered a "lame duck".  The Centennial Anniversary Indianapolis 500 is no lame duck.  THAT's worth looking forward to.