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The Paddock Pulse: Feb. 24 Edition

What does one do after getting mentioned on Trackside with Curt and Kevin because one engaged in a Twitter battle with Paul Tracy? Why, create a clippings post, of course!

A quick word about the Pulse - there's so much good stuff out there that our Paddock Pulse posts are getting very long and unwieldy. So going forward we're going to be a bit more selective in what we highlight here for brevity's sake. But don't take that as an insult, fellow writers - we still encourage all our readers to browse our blogroll and add the links to your bookmarks. Trust us - they're worth the visit!

  • It's a Small World After All [Drive Hard, Turn Left]
    Bill at Drive Hard, Turn Left was apparently intrigued by one of the "throwaway" tweets I posted in my Twitter-sation with PT on Feb. 23rd. The article that followed is a good self-examination from a fan perspective about whether the lack of American drivers in IndyCar is a deal-breaker. Read it and see if you agree.

  • A Swift response to the Delta Wing [My Name is IRL]
    When you stop by My Name is IRL and see a post that forces you to scroll for what seems like an eternity, you realize that Jeff Iannucci has stopped teasing you with the appetizers and has served you a big juicy plate full of filet mignon. Those are the moments where I just sit, read, and enjoy something that in most cases I am envious that I didn't write. This article is one of those posts. Oh, and there's a picture of a Pontiac Aztek in there too.

  • Should The Sisters Sell? [Oilpressure]
    The idea that the Indianapolis Motor Speedway might at some point down the road move out of the hands of the Hulman-George family is one that makes even the saltiest paddock salt start to feel nervous. George at Oilpressure takes a look at the possibility of what in IndyCar circles would be akin to trading Wayne Gretzky to the Kings.

  • Swift Urges Fan Input, Says Designs Still Evolving []
    You really should be bookmarking and reading it regularly - Bill certainly has enough output for you to make his site required daily reading. But this entry is a home run that deserves special mention, with the 'Dog getting all up close and personal with Mark Page, chief designer of Swift Engineering. READ! READ NOW!

  • It’s time to revise our definition of ride-buying [Planet-IRL]
    Stephanie at Planet-IRL jumps into the American driver debate with an examination of what it means to be a "ride buyer" in today's IndyCar series. Although she brings up 'King Hero (you do know what that leading apostrophe is for, right?), her analysis is admirably even-handed and brings up something that many fans don't want to think about: why are American companies sponsoring foreign drivers instead of Americans, and what might that say?

  • John Barnes and the DeltaWing project [Indy Racing Revolution]
    Our buddy Chris Estrada has finally gotten his site back on the air, and on the first catch of the game scores an 80-yard touchdown with this interview with Panther Racing's principal owner about the most controversial subject in IndyCar at the moment. Barnes pulls no punches - but be warned, if you're 40 years old or older, be prepared to feel a little unwanted.

  • The Pagoda Unveils Its Revolutionary Chassis Design [The Silent Pagoda]
    "That's no car... it's a MAN PART!" We've heard that so often about the DeltaWing that some of us forgot how the complaint echoes the words of a certain aged Jedi Knight. Roy Hobbson, though - man, that dude doesn't miss a trick. I bring this up because it provides a bit of context for this (as usual) hilarious blog post about the fifth entry in the 2012 IndyCar chassis proposal race.

Final Thoughts

Keep sending your letters to Randy Bernard. The guy wants to hear from fans about the direction of the IndyCar series. Seriously. He actually cares about your opinions. So take advantage of that largesse before he comes to his senses.

Also, Vision Racing could still use your help. It's getting very sad as the season gets closer to see the forlorn tweets from Lauren and Ed on the outside looking in. Pat Caporali has been relentlessly positive but even someone as determined to look on the bright side as she is needs some encouragement. So help out - even if it's just a note expressing your support.