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The Paddock Pulse: Mar. 24 Edition

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Every day, and in every way, I'm trying to make this blog better and better. (Props to you if you can figure out the somewhat obscure movie reference.)

In the last Paddock Pulse I changed the format a little bit - instead of writing snarky intros to the story links, I just clipped some of the relevant text from each link to whet your appetites. I did this out of necessity because, at the time, I was a little too busy to bring the snark.

However, it appealed to my lazy side so much that I decided to try it again. Whether I keep doing it this way will be up to you - I'm going to post a poll about it and you can tell me if you like not hearing from me about these links, or if you'd rather I bring the Snarkocalypse every week to the PP.

This week's links after the jump because, well, I want you to work for it.

  • Sebastien Bourdais is too talented not to be racing full time somewhere [ESPN]
    "It's fascinating to speculate how (Sebastien) Bourdais would fare if he was able to return to America with a team like Newman/Haas/Lanigan. Now that more than half of IndyCar Series races are run on road or street courses, he would obviously be a force on those tracks. But it's easy to forget that Sebastien won four of his eight oval starts, seven of which came against an admittedly depleted CART/Champ Car field."

  • Obviously this is a problem [My Name Is IRL]
    "It's sad that it's come to this, but one IndyCar driver's problem in this area has reached a point of crisis, requiring an intervention of some sort. I'm talking about Graham Rahal and his abuse of the word 'obviously,' because not only did young Mr Rahal use the word 'obviously' a whopping SEVENTEEN times in a teleconference with Sarah Fisher this week, but it was, in fact, the very first word out of his mouth."

  • The Man Behind Team Penske [Oilpressure]
    "Tim Cindric is one of the more personable team leaders in the paddock. His status within the team notwithstanding, he never seems to take himself too seriously or put himself above the fray."

  • St. Pete & FIL Season Preview Podcast [Planet-IRL]
    "This week, Steph and I preview the 2010 Firestone Indy Lights Season and look forward to this weekend’s IZOD IndyCar Series event on the Streets of St. Petersburg, FL. We are also pleased to be joined by FIL driver Pippa Mann as she discusses her move to Sam Schmidt Racing for the 2010 Season."

  • Purists Decry "Entertaining" Opening Race []
    Racing purists who feel car racing should be on an excitement par with televised chess decried that IndyCar "went the entertainment route" in its opener in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Final Thoughts

The IZOD IndyCar Series returns to the Continental 48 for its second event this weekend. Ratings were significantly higher for the Brazil race - but then, there wasn't a NASCAR race on either. This week, no such luck - and furthermore, the Sprint Cup cars no longer look like bastardized tuner rejects, thanks to their new (old) spoilers returning for Martinsville. Still, that's no reason not to tune in for St. Pete - especially considering that Sarah Fisher Racing will have the best chance in its history to actually win an IndyCar race with "Golden" Graham wheeling the #67 Dollar General Dallara. So do it.