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The Paddock Pulse: Mar. 3 Edition

Today is NHL trade deadline day, and because I'm an enormous hockey fan I'm actually typing this with one hand while Twittering madly about the ongoing trades that are happening as we speak. But fear not, folks, because we still have some good stuff for you to read from our peers in the 'sphere. Check them out:

  • Dim stars and faded stripes [Indy Racing Revolution]
    These days, it's easier to find a Canadian hockey fan that thinks Phoenix should have an NHL team than it is to find an American driver with enough sponsorship to drive in IndyCar. And that's saying something. Chris Estrada analyzes what it might mean for IndyCar to have such a low percentage of domestic representation among its driver ranks.

  • Thus begins Simonamania [My Name Is IRL]
    Figures that Iannucci would bust out the awesome with Simona de Silvestro's new nickname: "Swiss Miss." Definitely beats "My Simona." Learn more about the latest threat to Danicamania here.

  • The Art Of Avoiding Clichés [Oilpressure]
    George Phillips knocks one out of the park with this look under the microscope at the clichés used in racing broadcasting. See what I did there? I used clichés myself... to introduce an article on clichés! Man. Can you believe I took classes for this?

  • Dallara Eager to Build on 14 Years of Success with IndyCar []
    Pressdog continues his frustrating trend of introducing actual journalism to the blogosphere with his in-depth look at Dallara and their concepts for the 2012 IndyCar. If Bill keeps this up, he might get hired by a legitimate mainstream media outlet. And we can't have that. (I hear they actually outlaw snark in their employment contracts.)

Final Thoughts

Ryan at our partner site Junior Open Wheel Talent is going to be holding a live Q&A with Jonathan Summerton on Monday at 8pm ET. Make sure you show up for that - not just because Ryan is comprised of skin, hair, teeth, blood and EPIC WIN, but because Jon Summerton is quite possibly the closest any race driver will ever come to Tony Robbins in sunny disposition and "can-do" attitude.