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Haiku Tuesday: Can anyone fight the Power?

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In a world where signal can be drowned by noise... where good blogging can be hard to find... ONE MAN, ONE SITE will rise up and strike a blow for originality. (Oh, I wish Don Lafontaine were still alive...)

Yes, folks, it's a new feature on Pop Off Valve - HAIKU TUESDAY.

See, I have this idea that publishing on the Internet is a bit different than publishing for a mainstream media audience. As a rule, Internet publishers don't have to jigger their content to pander to the lowest common denominator because heavy Internet users tend to be somewhat geeky - which, really, isn't a bad thing because most geeks are quite smart.

So, to appeal to the inner racing geek in all of us, POV will be running a weekly Haiku Tuesday post where our readers can summarize the events, issues and results of the weekend in racing in poetic form. If this becomes popular enough, we might even consider a weekly prize for the best haiku of the week!

So rev up your mora-makers, start counting syllables, and get poetic, people!

This week's POV haikus after the jump...

Wet St. Petersburg.
Did that make Milka spin out?
Or was it habit?

If Quagmire is the
Grand Marshal, does "Boogity"
Become "Giggity"?

Oh, Robin Miller.
Is Mr. Tony Cotman
Your secret bromance?

Does Helio need
To get his own Gillooly
To bring down Power?

Jack Arute's goatee.
Fuzzy symbol of manhood.
Goes well with his tan.

Penske's Will Power.
Does the man have a great name
Or the greatest name?