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Haiku Tuesday: The delicate art of overtaking

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Haiku Tuesday Splash Image
Haiku Tuesday Splash Image

挨拶、読者! Welcome to another edition of the web's most iconic weekly racing-themed haiku poetry confab this side of Tokyo!

This week, we turn our plumed pens (okay, okay... our plume-pen-themed keyboards) to the topic of the IndyCar Grand Prix of Alabama at Barber Motorsports Park. Plenty to talk about with this race, so without further ado about nothing (trust me, there's not much to begin with), let's get to the haiku... and you readers, make sure you join in on the fun in the comments!

Your weekly verse after the jump...

Takuma's Lotus.
Velocity's green flower.
Sadly parked and done.

A clean race so far.
Wait... an obstruction ahead.
Oh hell, it's Milka!

Danica passes.
In the pits? NO! On the track!
Who's your GoDaddy?

Thank goodness for Jon.
A gift to our lexicon:
Shave the interval!

Thanks to Target deal
Dario Franchitti now
Is "Frico Suave."

Passing zones are scarce.
Wisdom says turn five only.
Vitor says, "Yeah, right!"

The Ice Man cometh.
Yet Spiderman wins the day.
The fence was calling.

"Y'all start those engines."
Scary? No more frightening
Than giant spider.

#ParkMilka hashtag.
Nicole Manske Briscoe's fault.
That's not your job, ma'am.