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The Paddock Pulse: Apr. 14 Edition

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Paddock Pulse Splash
Paddock Pulse Splash

I feel like I've been busier than usual here on Pop Off Valve this week. It's been an eventful week, for sure, with the awesomeness of "Y'all, start them engines," Frico Suave, and SHAVING THE INTERVAL in our rear view and the historic supercool Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach coming up.

We're not the only ones who were busy, though - we have an extra-large portion of blogosphere excellence to bring you, kind of like when you order the super-sized extra value meal at McDonald's that results in a potato field worth of fries and enough Diet Coke to sink an oil tanker.

Click the jump to get started...

  • My History with Penske [Drive Hard, Turn Left]
    Someday someone is going to do a Photoshop of Roger Penske's head on He-Man's body, with a Verizon Dallara in place of that Grayskull sword and a word bubble of him screaming, "I HAVE THE POWERRRRRRRRRRR!" Failing that, we have this article on how everyone's favorite Aussie at Penske Racing (no, the other one) is making people almost enjoy seeing the Captain beat up on the rest of the field.

  • Launches New Blog, Hurts Innocent Bystanders [is it May yet?]
    Oh sure, like nobody cares about my feelings in all of this?

  • Weekend Recap [Junior Open Wheel Talent]
    Look, I've put signage up all over and got Ryan to write a weekly column on the subject, but some of you out there aren't getting the hint. There's a Road to Indy, and moreover there is a bunch of awesome action and talent in the junior formulae, and if you're not following it on JOWT then what kind of fan are you really? Next thing you'll tell me is that you don't like tenderloins.

  • A brief Q and A with Bob Jenkins [My Name Is IRL]
    Friends, I know for a fact that Jeff Iannucci doesn't stoop to the level of producing actual journalism like this unless it's really, really important. So go read this interview and gain even more appreciation for the bacon-wrapped winburger that is Bob Jenkins. You'll thank me. Not later. Now.

  • A More Mature Marco? [Oilpressure]
    What's more awesome about Marco Andretti than the fact that his hair can still stand straight up even after three hours under a racing helmet? Ask George Phillips - or better yet, read this epic tome he wrote about the subject.

  • An Oval Lovers Call to Action []
    This article is our friend Bill playing the role of Eddie Gossage for the IndyCar series' oval events (and doing a job that should be done more effectively by the people paid to do it). Largely, however, I'm linking to this story because he uses the word "carping." In italics, no less.

  • *blows dust off keyboard* [So… here’s what I’m thinking…]
    Ahhh, Meesh. Your epic rants fall too rarely upon our computer screens these days. You make us actually want to visit Canada for more reasons than just the Coffee Crisp and poutine. Welcome back, missy!

  • Indy Grand Prix of Alabama [the_race_gIRL]
    Sure, this preview for the Barber race is a little dated. But how on earth can you ignore a race preview that starts up with a rebel yell? Them's good readin', y'all.

  • Willy T. Ribbs Report: Barber [The Silent Pagoda]
    What better way to wash the succulent mashed potatoes of Monica's race preview than with the sweet Mountain Dew chianti of a Roy Hobbson recap? I've gotta figure out a way to get this guy into our Live Blogs. When he says he's bringing the pain, it's actual agony, brother.

Final Thoughts

Zachary Levi, the star of the NBC series Chuck (8:00PM Eastern, 7:00PM Central and Mountain Time on NBC), will be one of the celebrity drivers in this year's Long Beach Celebrity Pro-Am Race. If he brings as much awesome to his driving that he does to his acting on Chuck (8:00PM Eastern, 7:00PM Central and Mountain Time on NBC), then he's apt to win the race by a couple of laps.

We'll be here with our Live Blog for Long Beach to serve up the snark and shave the interval for all 7 of you who showed up last week. Pretty soon, we're going to have a quorum. I can feel it.