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Haiku Tuesday: Long Beach

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Haiku Tuesday Splash Image
Haiku Tuesday Splash Image

Haiku Tuesday is here again!

Sunday's Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach turned out to be the first 2010 IZOD IndyCar Series event won by someone not driving for Roger Penske. In fact, Ryan Hunter-Reay's victory broke up Penske's complete game shutout of every pole and race session of the season to date.

There's plenty of fodder for our verse this week, from the ultimate in sponsor activation for IZOD to the value of track position to the fact that Milka Duno was six seconds off the race pace before she was parked. So let's see some creativity out there!

This week's 5-7-5s after the jump...

Is it too early
To name an Indy grandstand
After Randy B?

16th? Not a good finish,
But beats Simona.

Rahal's cracked chassis.
The car was broken before
Romancini's hit.

A race victory
Is a great way for sponsors
To prove ROI.

Top Penske was third.
Dreyer & Reinbold second.
Apocalypse? Not yet.

Starting and parking.
Not the retirement asked for,
But it's a good start.

Frico Suave 12th.
Ashley's pit lane interviews
Blissfully absent.

Poor young Andretti.
The day started so brightly.
Dark at the finish.

The roadies are done.
Time for a stretch of ovals.
CIRCULAR parades!