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The Paddock Pulse: Apr. 21 Edition

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Paddock Pulse Splash
Paddock Pulse Splash

It's post-Long Beach time, and the list of our links this week is going to be somewhat short because everyone else was apparently at the race. Jealous.

Ahem. Anyway, what we lack in quantity we make up for in quality, as the posts we have linked are the usual reusable canvas grocery bag full of tremendousness. To those of you who didn't get a link shoutout this week, my apologies - hey readers, make sure you give them love anyway by visiting our blogroll in the sidebar. Trust me, I wouldn't put their links there if they weren't ridiculously cool (or if they didn't butter me up with shallow compliments and promises of free Pop-Tarts - WHICH I STILL HAVEN'T RECEIVED. What, did you send them from Europe? Did they get stuck because of the volcano?)

Links after the jump...

  • Q&A With Randy Bernard [16th And Georgetown]
    Okay. If you're like me and are bored with all of the endless news scoops, exceptional journalism and downright professional media performances turned in by the folks at 16th and Georgetown, you're probably wondering... "Hey. Where's the snark?" Wait. You mean they'd be just as professional and skilled at snark too? And they'd push me off the Snarkwagon to get the preferred seats next to Roy Hobbson, Jeff Iannucci and Bill Zahren? Aw crap.

  • Saturday Morning at Long Beach [My Name Is IRL]
    So, ol' Iannucci BROKE THE WORD BUTCHER CODE and went out there and sat in the media center like someone who knew what he was doing during the Long Beach weekend. DAMMIT. Not only that, but he actually met up with racing folks (presumably at a Chili's or Bennigan's or In-N-Out Burger) and proved he was a capable, upstanding person. Meanwhile, here I sit in my basemMY TOTALLY AWESOME 28th CENTURY TECHNOLOGY OFFICE and nobody even says "Hi!" to me on Twitter. (Seriously. It's like I work in Darth Vader's bathroom. Complete with laser-powered toilet. TMI?)

  • Indy Qualifying Was Not That Sacred [Oilpressure]
    I'm linking to this article by George because if I link to his other article I might bring down the same gaggle of crazed CITGO-swilling loonies down on his head that came down on mine last week. And nobody needs comment-stalkers, amirite? Anyway, George talks about how he likes the new Indy 500 qualifying format, then instantly jinxes the whole qualifying weekend A MONTH IN ADVANCE by mentioning rain. WTG, George. Totally bringing my umbrella now.

  • Notes from the 2010 F1 Race in China []
    Because everyone needs variety, I present you Pressdog's post-live noteblog of the F1 race from China. It's refreshing to see a perspective on a race series that is NOT beset by internecine politics, egos, conflicting agendAHAHAHAHAHAHA, I couldn't even finish typing that. The only downside to this noteblog is that it doesn't come with photos of those goofy-looking F1 cars with their cowcatchers and giant shark fins. Them's comedic, yo.

Final Thoughts

Hats off to Roy Hobbson, he of Silent Pagoda fame and legendary facial tics, for scoring a sweet gig doing a mailbag column on I'd say that Versus was making a huge mistake but then I noticed that they have a column by Bruce Martin, and that guy already has a checkered past ("DON'T TASE ME, BRO!" *urp*) and earlier this year he gave Danica Patrick roses in the media center. In contrast, Hobbson is the safe choice.

Also, our Live Blogs (to which Hobbson was invited this weekend - thanks for tearing yourself away from the cheese dip, bro!) have been well-attended - in the sense that IndyCar oval races outside of Indy and Texas are "well-attended" - entertaining and lively. I encourage you all to join us for the next one from Kansas. If you've seen the Pop Off Valve Swag Market, I'm sure a couple of those shirts have you scratching your head. THAT, my friends, is because you are sadly NOT IN ON THE JOKES - like our Arute-erruption Drinking Game which spawned the Leatherman Collection, the classic "SHAVE THE INTERVAL" phrase, or the "I swear I just typed that before you posted it" meme that keeps coming up because, well, great minds think alike. So try to make it a point to join in so you aren't out of the loop.

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