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Haiku Tuesday: Barber, Butler and Bernard

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Haiku Tuesday Splash Image
Haiku Tuesday Splash Image

It's week two of our new feature, Haiku Tuesday. I was encouraged by last week's participation but I know you out there in the IndyCar world can do better. The good news is that, incredibly enough, Haiku Tuesday has found a bit of an audience among IndyCar fans - who knew that those who appreciate poetry in motion could also be connoisseurs of actual poetry?

At any rate, thanks to the Easter weekend we don't have much to wax poetic about in terms of racing action, but never let it be said that our creativity can be stifled by something so insignificant as an off-weekend!

This week's haikus after the jump...

Easter hiatus.
What is there to talk about?
No races to watch.

Butler basketball:
Even the racers watch you.
Last shot bounced off rim.

Alabama track
Not built on burial ground.
Barber is its name.

Franchitti says that
Motorcycles should run here.
His Dallara? Um...

Dinner with Miller.
Might be good for anecdotes.
Advice? Not so much.

Riders of big bulls
Have ego and some have girth.
Not as much as Chip.

Bernard and Looney.
Speak to people from outside.
See forest and trees.

O, Swift 66.
Your shape makes my heart flutter.
But in a good way.