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Haiku Tuesday: Back Home Again...

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Haiku Tuesday Splash Image
Haiku Tuesday Splash Image

So it's the Two Weeks of May instead of a whole month, but sentiment aside it's nice to get the juices flowing for another round of the 500-Mile Race.

We've spent the past couple of days working on our SBNation Indy 500 Primer, but Haiku Tuesday waits for no man or meticulously-researched award-worthy article series.

This week's entries after the jump...

Percussion grenade.
Signals Indy gates open.
Explodes in my heart.

Time for the Fast Nine.
Will it bring more eyes this year?
If not, chuck it, guys.

Inclement weather.
Rain always is a buzzkill.
No tornadoes, please.

PETA hates the milk.
Claims it is cruel to the calves.
One sip is ten grand.

Beat the Indy heat.
Take a washcloth for your neck.
Soak in cold water.

Indiana home.
For my heart; not my stomach.
Home is Mug 'N' Bun.

Lots of girls this year.
Silvestra de Simona
Is not one of them.

Will Arute be there?
I can't imagine Indy
With no Leatherman.

Greatest Spectacle.
It will always be the race.
Sorry, NASCAR fans.