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Haiku Tuesday: Week Before the 500

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Haiku Tuesday Splash Image
Haiku Tuesday Splash Image

The field of 33 is set, and this Sunday for many represents the pinnacle of the racing season - the 94th Indianapolis 500-Mile Race. And on Saturday, I'll be on my way... Chicago.

That's right. This year's annual family vacation (which I did not plan) lands smack dab on the greatest day of the year. But I'll show them - I'm holing up in the hotel room all day Sunday to watch the race! Bwahahaha! Burn.

Oh, by the way, we have some haikus after the jump...

Helio gets pole.
Penske power dominates.
Next four-time winner?

The team is called FAZZT.
Who knew they would be "fast" too?
Great job, Tags and friends.

Epic fail, KV.
Paul Tracy on the sidelines
Makes Sunday less fun.

"Quatro" quit the team.
So A.J. put in Lazier.
Still not fast enough.

No-win decision.
Jay runs slower, or gets bumped.
Either way, heartbreak.

No sponsor, practice.
No problem for Junquiera.
He has huge huevos.

Eric! Don't do it!
Don't send Romancini out!
What? Oh. Good idea.

Boos for Danica.
Emotion made her say it?
PT had more class.

TK had drama.
Two wrecks, starts P32.
Never count him out.

Fisher: fastest girl.
Danica was the slowest.
Must be NASCAR's fault.

Hard to feel lucky.
Wrecked car, had an MRI.
But Saavedra's in.

Thirty-three are set.
The 500 miles beckon.
Can they start three-wide?