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Haiku Tuesday: The moonlight on the Wabash

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Haiku Tuesday Splash Image
Haiku Tuesday Splash Image

It's just another week here at Pop Off Valve and time for another run-of-the-mill Haiku TuesOH WHAT THE HECK AM I TALKING ABOUT?


Yes, the greatest of all months. So many wonderful events - the first two legs of the Triple Crown, the NBA and NHL playoffs, the Grand Prix of Monaco, NASCAR's All-Star and Coca-Cola 600 races, my anniversary and my birthday... oh, and that other event, what is it, it's on the tip of my tongue... THE INDIANAPOLIS 500-MILE RACE.

So Haiku Tuesday is going to be a celebration of another month of wonderfulness... but we might slide in a couple of Kansas references too. So be warned.

Poetry happens after the jump...

Lovely Month of May.
16th and Georgetown beckons.
Yummy Box Lunches.

Modern motorsports.
Innovation everywhere.
We still pee in troughs.

New qualifying.
Compact and full of drama.
But so, so short now.

My favorite cuisine.
Mug 'N' Bun and Long's Donuts.
Blissful heart attack.

Good ol' Jim Nabors.
Will they wheel him out to sing?
Sure... it's tradition.

IndyCar restarts.
A clown posse handles them.
Cue the circus songs.

Rick DeBruhl is great.
So are Vince Welch and others.
But enough of Reid.

A network broadcast.
Should be welcome, but is not.
Wow. I miss VERSUS.

Wednesday Indy call.
PT will be on the line.
I will be amused.

A month of pure joy.
But even as I rejoice
I still miss Earl Ma.