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Haiku Tuesday: Newton's First Law = AWESOMENESS

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Haiku Tuesday Splash Image
Haiku Tuesday Splash Image

It's an improbable universe when we have Rusty Wallace to thank for the kind of excellent racing action we saw this weekend at Iowa Speedway.

The father of Stephen Wallace, the NASCAR Nationwide Series driver voted "Most Likely To Wad Up His Car Unnecessarily" and erstwhile hawker of 5-Hour Energy Shots, had a good driving career and currently enjoys a mediocre broadcasting life. But if Iowa Speedway figures into things at all, he may have a real shot at being an exceptional track designer. If Sunday's race is any indication, Iowa Speedway has become the best non-Indy oval on the IZOD IndyCar Series schedule.

In honor of a great race, we present a special set of post-race haikus. And we promise - only a few of them are corny.

Iowa Speedway.
Home of Bill "Pressdog" Zahren.
Capitol of schwerve.

Hey, Hugo Chavez.
Milka is big oil's worst move
Since BP's oil spill.

Midwest thunderstorms.
Black clouds, but not as dark as
Those over KV.

Sato's quite speedy.
Is there a way to save him
From all those brainfades?

Goodbye, Danica.
It's time to go back to school
At Taxicab U.

It has been two years
Since Tony Kanaan's last win.
Let's not go two more.

"TK Skywalker"
Struck back at the two Sith Lords
Roger and Chipster.

Sarah hit the wall.
She got up in the marbles.
Not those from Jack's head.

Bad luck for Frico.
His mechanical problems
Made Ashley's hat droop.

Hey, KVR guys:
Moraes' new motto is
"Wreckers, not checkers."