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Haiku Tuesday: Texas Brings the Heat

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Haiku Tuesday Splash Image
Haiku Tuesday Splash Image

The IZOD IndyCar Series was DITHOT this past weekend. Everything's bigger in Texas - the packs the cars raced in, the conflagrations that crop up around race car sidepods after wrecks, the safety equipment failures, and so forth.

More importantly, we saw a race that at least one IndyCar fan called "the purest expression of IndyCar oval racing" (which is kind of strange because this same guy laughs contemptuously at NASCAR restrictor plate racing... but I digress). And Ryan Briscoe won, which, since he caught the wall at Indy, keeps up his normal cycle of "checkers or wreckers."

We have haikus and they lie in the darkened recess of the post-jump click zone!

Briscoe won the race.
But the real Inferno was
Our poor Simona.

Quick tip for you guys:
When the driver is on fire,

You go, Danica!
Stuck with the leaders on track
Not just in the pits.

Mister Mario,
You are not an Andretti.
Some things ARE your fault.

Off comes the helmet
Helio's hair does not move.
He wears two helmets!

Should be thrilled at TK's drives.
The man has steel balls.

We have our engine.
ICONIC boys have come through.
Now we need a car.