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Haiku Tuesday: Michael Buffer Edition

Haiku Tuesday Splash Image
Haiku Tuesday Splash Image

If you were one of the 28 people who tuned in for our Live Blog EMOTICONIC Race Chat of the Honda Indy Toronto, you would have heard the immortal words of WWE/WWF wrestling announcer Michael Buffer:


Ahem. Wrong sound clip. Let's try this again.


See? That's part of what you're missing if you're not joining us in our Live Blogs EMOTICONIC Race Chats!

Anyway, there was plenty of hilarity and hijinks on the streets of the TO Sunday, and our own fleshwound_NPG liked it so much that he volunteered to fill in this week for Haiku Tuesday. I'm thinking of changing his byline to "Haiku Panda" - whaddya think?

Hit the jump for this week's poetry!

What's the new chassis?
Dallara?  Sort of.  Maybe.
If others don't come.

15 years of Hell
Undone in an afternoon?
To be decided…

Oh wait a minute.
There's a race in Toronto.
Let's talk about that.

Oh, KV Racing.
Not again!  And again!  They're
Dallara's favorite.

They say it's twenty
Accidents caused by KV.
I lost count at twelve.

That guy Moraes
Just wrecked again and black flagged.
Milka Moraes?

The IndyCar race
Is what I watched, but then a
NASCAR race broke out.

Tracy divebombs Sim,
Misses and stalls it.  Was that
A Jedi mind trick?

Her plan was perfect.
Swiss Miss lays low for a week,
Comes back with good luck.

The Twitter bitching
Among the drivers is lame...
Foyt would whup some ass

Can we simply just
Hand the title to Power?
Get it over with.

Hey, do you hear that?
The ABC broadcasting
Crew is gone! Hell yes!

Damn the low ratings!
Give me the great Versus gang
With Prop Master Jack!