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Haiku Tuesday: Block Party!

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Haiku Tuesday Splash Image
Haiku Tuesday Splash Image

This week, Haiku Tuesday is going to go off the beaten path here and, instead of exploring this past weekend's race in general, we're going to focus on the controversy surrounding the fini--

Wait, what?

Okay, I've been informed by my peeps back in the booth (and yes, that's a euphemism for THE VOICES IN MY HEAD) that everyone else on the planet is talking about the controversial finish to the Honda Indy Edmonton. For me, the big controversy is the race name. It was called the Rexall Edmonton Indy earlier on in the season. WHY DID THEY SWITCH THE WORDS "Indy" AND "Edmonton" around??? I tell you, this is bigger than fluoride in the water!!!

Anyway, this week's poetry - and yes, SPOILER ALERT: some of it mentions Brian Barnhart - is after the jump.

Season probation.
Milka spins it on first lap.
Great start there, sister.

No wrecks for KV.
Sato also finishes.
The end times cometh.

Five "red cars" out front.
Nobody else has a chance.
Race for "best in class."

Off with Barnhart's head!
Wait, the rule is from Cotman?
And Robin's STILL mad???

Helio and Charles.
Truly, an epic mismatch.
Charles spared his life.

Chip wins Indy too.
Probably joked with Penske:
"Chew on THAT, 'White Hair.'"

PT finished sixth.
Did not wear a wrestling mask.
PT maskless: FAIL.

Helio crossed first.
Dixon got the accolades.
Edmonton confused.

Castroneves pissed.
Not at Barnhart, but at Will.
Bus tires don't tickle.

Drivers endorse rules.
At least, until they break them.
Then rules are stupid.

Biggest question mark.
Not the engine or chassis.
Who takes BB's place?