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Haiku Tuesday: A New York State of Mind

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Haiku Tuesday Splash Image
Haiku Tuesday Splash Image

Something about the Finger Lakes region makes me wax poetic. Is it the trees, the lush greenery, the rolling hills and a road course that ranks as one of my favorite tracks of all time?


But what's making me wax haiku-tic (and yes, that's a word, don't bother to look it up) has more to do with the results of this past weekend's IZOD IndyCar Series race. So if you're looking for poetry about a tree, Google Joyce Kilmer.

Haiku-ification (don't look that one up either) after the jump...

Slow on the racetrack.
Some say she is a chicane.
Truly a hazard.

Epic broadcast fail.
We want to see passing live.
Not just on replays.

I hear Marty Reid.
My mind flashes to Vegas.
A smarmy emcee.

GoDaddy? No go.
Danica saw the whole field.
All ahead of her.

Power wins from pole.
This is the third time this year.
His full-time ride? Earned.

Frico Suave's mad.
Blames Milka for restart gaffe.
Ashley's off the hook.

Never imagined.
The end days are close at hand.
I missed Jack Arute.

Get well, Bob Jenkins.
We could have used you Sunday.
Severe class shortage.

Just one week remains.
Then we all see the future.
I am excited.