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Indiana, we're all for you!

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Today marks Day One of SBNation Indiana, the latest edition of SBN's regional sports sites. Why is this pertinent to you, my dear readers of Pop Off Valve? Well, duh, the IZOD IndyCar Series is headquartered in Indianapolis and there's something else really big that happens in Indy every year which I can't recall the name of at the moment.

Seriously, though, there's another reason why SBN Indiana is bringing the awesome, and that's because our good blogger pal Bill Potter of Drive Hard, Turn Left got a gig as one of SBNI's head writers. This basically means that all of the IndyCar news that matters will now be published on SBNI - but remember, you can always drop by here from time to time for Haiku Tuesday, which I'm reliably informed by the latest metrics has increased its readership to 0.002% of the IndyCar fan base (SUCK IT, VERSUS!).

Your gateway drug to SBN Indiana's racing coverage is this excellent IICS championship summary by Bill. From there, make sure you explore the whole site. I'm well aware that a high percentage of my readership lives in Wabash country so you'll see plenty of local-interest content there. (While you're browsing, send a message to the PTB to add a racing tab to their navigation.)

Congrats to SBN on the rollout and especially to Bill, who is now 5000% more legit than I am. Drinks are on you now, buddy!