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Haiku Tuesday: Probation Edition

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Haiku Tuesday Splash Image
Haiku Tuesday Splash Image

Poor Helio Castroneves. The guy could have saved himself $10,000 if he had just Tweeted his frustration over the Honda Indy Edmonton finish instead of trying to wrestle Security Chief Charles to the ground. $10,000 is the difference, by the way, between Helio's fine for his post-race actions and the secret fine that NASCAR driver Denny Hamlin got for daring to Tweet that late-race cautions in Sprint Cup races might not be on the up-and-up.

Well, anyway, Helio now joins Milka Duno on the probation list, which means that the watch is on to see which one violates their probation first. Will Helio freak out again first, or will Milka fall short of the performance minimums set by IndyCar offic-- woops. Just a sec. Milka just spun out trying to make it to the bathroom. Never mind.

This week's haikus follow the jump.

Sixty thousand bucks.
The price for grabbing Charles.
A small price to pay.

Lap 1, Milka spins.
We wait: will they take action?
She is back this week.

It's Mid-Ohio.
Not many places to pass.

Fans are still asking.
Was it Barnhart or Cotman?
Why does it matter?

J.R. Hildebrand.
Nice guy, and a Yank to boot.
He drives on Sunday!

Lotus will build it.
Second aero kit announced.
Should not be the last.

It's Power's to lose.
But ovals are coming up.
Chink in the armor?