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Haiku Tuesday: Breathe into a bag edition

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Wowie-kazowie! That was one heck of a barn burner at Chicagoland Speedway, wasn't it? (Sits back and waits for flood of ticket renewals) Ohhhhhhhh wait. That's right, I forgot. We're not going back there, are we?

That's too bad, because it really looked like I could get some awesome seats (and, importantly, leg room) for next year's event. But I guess that ain't happenin'.

That's okay. I'll consider this week's Haiku Tuesday to be a wake for the dearly departed Peak Indy 300. We hardly knew ye...

Wheel to wheel at 218.
Nationwide beats this??

Frico's "Stripmobile."
He inhaled the victory.
He had clear passage!

Sarah in the lead??
You must be joking, fellas.
Her car is not red!

Carpenter ran strong.
Feel-good got derailed by pit work.
Vision got fuzzy.

Empty grandstand seats.
Lots of plastic and metal
Saw an awesome race.

Is it Craig Rust's fault?
Or is he just fulfilling
A France master plan?

Will powered up front.
Showed that ovals ARE his bag.
His team let him down.

Milka drove okay
As long as she was alone.
Traffic bred panic.

Well done to Wheldon.
Finally, a legit smile
To show off his caps.

The owners revolt.
Then notice they got bad press.
Beep beep! Backing up!

Pippa had the win.
Decided to try and block.
Thus, "Windy Hinchtown."