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INDYCAR: Haiku Tuesday Motegi Edition

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Haiku Tuesday Splash Image
Haiku Tuesday Splash Image

So hey, guess what - we're racing in Japan this week!

What does that mean? (A TV feed that looks like it's being shot through Vaseline? Sound that only sounds good if you wear a pair of water-filled headphones? Staying up until past midnight to see who wins?) It means that this week's Haiku Tuesday is actually appropriate to the IndyCar event's culture!

I mean, sure, we all know that Alabama is a secret hotbed of international culture and open-mindedness, but aside from that trying to get IndyCar cities and fans excited about an obscure form of poetry that is largely meaningless unless it's in the original Japanese is a bit difficult.

Thus, I am thrilled for this week's race at Motegi. Just don't try and get me to eat sushi. Poetry's one thing. Salmonella is another.

Hit the jump for the poetry...

Pack up the race cars!
Time to fly to Motegi.
Mutoh's home racetrack.

She won in '08.
Her team hopes that she drives like
Gundam Danica.

Cotman's RACER blog
Told us about the new rules
As if we mattered.

RB in Europe.
Says Ferrari likes V6.
GRE? Guess not.

Will Sato banzai?
The home crowd wants a good show.
Get crash cart ready.

Enjoy your sushi.
But next year on the schedule
We'll have beer and brats.

No more ISC.
Now we're in bed with Bruton.
Gross mental image.