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INDYCAR: Friday Pre-Race Preview (Motegi)

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Friday Pre-Race Preview Header
Friday Pre-Race Preview Header

CART.  ChampCar.  Tony George.  And now....The Indy Racing League.

All gone.

Sound somewhat familiar?  Let's take a trip back to 2008 when ChampCar finally threw in the towel.  The long open wheel racing feud seemed over.  However due to circumstances the Long Beach Grand Prix and Motegi races were held on the same weekend and couldn't be changed.  It was to be the final "split" race weekend.  The end of an era.

As fate would have it it rained at Motegi and moisture forced the race to be held on April 20, 2008… the same day as ChampCar's finale event.  The rain on the IRL's parade ended up raining on ChampCar's parade.  As the IRL event ended and the winner crossed the line at that moment ChampCar's funeral would become largely ignored. 



At that moment it was all over.  The Racing Gods had spoken.  ChampCar had officially lost.

The media and fans (myself included) largely fawned over the historic event that had taken place a world away and collectively turned their backs on the historic finale on the streets of Long Beach.  The last ChampCar event and the end of what was one of the greatest racing series' of all time took a back seat to the rebirth and vindication of Danicamania  It would be proven to be a mistake. 


For those ChampCar fans who actually watched and know who won the Atlantics and CCWS races that day at Long Beach know what I'm talking about….

Fast forward to 2010.  Randy Bernard has tried to start undoing all the damage of the past fifteen years during his first year, but perhaps he's done it already in spirit.  During the 2011 schedule announcement he mentioned that as of the 2011 season the term "Indy Racing League" will no longer be used and "IndyCar" will take its place.

At that moment it was truly all over.  It was the IRL's turn to join ChampCar in bitter defeat.

….and once again, we're off to Motegi.  Will it be another moment of divine intervention in the land of the rising sun?  Or just another Red-Car crapwagon boatrace?

....or perhaps the Racing Gods are saving it for a certain centennial race?


THE FAVORITE (BEST RED CAR):  Will "Divine" Power

He has not raced here, but has proven he can wheel a car around an oval as good as anybody.  Sadly the results as of late hasn't reflected that.  His bad luck streak has to end soon, or the points lead he's had all year dissappears.  News of Verizon increasing its sponsorship of IndyCar has to be music to his ears….but not Lil Gator's.

THE BEST OF THE REST (BEST NON-RED CAR):  Danica "Matt Foley....Motivational Speaker" Patrick

Other than Indy this place is like a second home to her.  I don't think she's ever had what you call a "bad" race here.  If she doesn't show up here it very well could be the end of the Danicamania-era; here where it all started (2005) and where it has peaked (2008).  Versus it seems has been ignoring her to a degree the past few races….perhaps the "Danica quota" will be filled here where she's won before.


Death.  Taxes.  Sunrise.  Sunset.  KV Racing wrecking in IndyCar.  Well, I suppose Milka has to pass SOMEBODY on the scoring pylon.

MEMO TO THIS SITE'S EDITOR-IN-CHIEF AND OWNER:  KV Racing Wrecker Service (est. 2010) t-shirts.  A tow truck hauling a busted Dallara.  GET TO IT.

Oh, I almost American driver is rumored to join the Evil Galactic Empire

Robin Miller couldn't be reached for comment, due to his being busy doing celebratory keg-stands.

My first legit blog posting.  Hopefully it wasn't too bad.  Time to click "Publish".  Here goes nothing....