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INDYCAR: Haiku Tuesday (Post-Motegi Edition)

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Haiku Tuesday Splash Image
Haiku Tuesday Splash Image

Four score and seven years from now, the IZOD IndyCar Series is going to finish up the 2010 season and crown a champion from one of two race teams - Roger Penske's Death Star, or Chip Ganassi's Death Star 2.

In one sense, it's a THRILLING, PULSE-POUNDING finish to the season - after all, there are several drivers still mathematically in the hunt. On the other hand, it's a GIGANTIC, SOUL-CRUSHING anticlimax because said drivers all race for one or the other of the Death Star teams and nobody else is even within spitting distance.

Still, we have a while to think it over, so until the finale finally rolls around in October we'll provide you with quality features like Haiku Tuesday. This week's poetry can be found after the jump...

So solemn was he.
Then he unleashed the command.

Poor, poor Simona.
Her car is held together
With Bubbalicious.

Mutoh sniffed the lead.
But it was just a brief sniff.

Frico wins Foyt cup.
Ashley does happy dances.
No cameras around.

Danica gets fifth.
And she drove there to do it.
Too legit to quit.

Milka getting lapped.
Did not hold up Dario.
Will's fans say, "NOW skill?"

Jack hot on pit road.
Heat made his thinking muddled.
Or was it sushi?

Big wreck for KV.
Moraes on a backboard.
Team in the poorhouse.

Ovals struggle here.
But Japan gave us a crowd
Worthy of respect.