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INDYCAR: Power Rankings (Homestead)

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POV Power Rankings Header
POV Power Rankings Header

Technology and myself haven't gotten along in recent years.  I've broken monitors, laptops, and keyboards (that was done Monday night at work, by the way) AJ Foyt-style due to my lack of patience with the various glitches and gremlins that technology brings.

My DVR Saturday night had such gremlins.  It wasn't recording as I left for work.  So I hit the REC button and left.  When I arrived at work I dug at the radio looking for the race.  I reasoned that since this is central Indiana, the HOME of American open wheel racing, that I would have NO PROBLEM finding a station.  I even looked up what affiliates that carry the IMS Radio Network.  Did I find one?  Yes….but only one….by LUCK. 

As the race wore on I realized that it was typical Motegi; passing is done mostly in the pits.  When I got home the DVR didn't record the race.  I was mad only at the broken state of the DVR and not the fact that it didn't record Motegi.  I only missed TWO highlights:  1. Jack Arute   2. THE COMMAND.

So with that I now attempt this week's Power Rankings going only by what the old-timey radio said and not my glorious HD flatscreen (no LindyCar in HD was another thing I didn't miss).  Of course since it is Motegi we're talking about there wasn't much movement on the track, so there shouldn't be too much movement on the rankings this week (LOCK STEP!).  Also I'm attempting the rankings with 4 or so weeks in-between events (don't worry, next year that'll be FIXED).  Hold your heads up, IndyCar fans….OUR "chase" still beats theirs at the end. 

TWELVE POINTS… just one spot.  Who's THE MAN heading into the finale?



1.  Dario Franchitti
Previous ranking:  #1 (no change)

Even towards the end of Homestead last year we ruled him out.  Towards the end of Chicagoland in '07 we ruled him out.  In 2010 he's behind heading into the finale.  Gee, I wonder what could possibly happen….


2.  Will Power
Previous ranking:  #2 (no change)

A podium finish on an oval means he's got the momentum he hasn't had since the twisties, but Dario is in his mirror larger than before.  You know what they say about objects in mirrors….


3.  Helio Castroneves
Previous ranking:  #4 (+1)

Helio's right….


4.  Scott Dixon
Previous ranking:  #3 (-1)

Solid consistency is boring to most….but it's what he does best.  Nobody complained when Danica was basically doing the same thing (minus the wins, of course) last year.


5.  Ryan Hunter-Reay
Previous ranking:  #5 (no change)

He gets the trophy this year for "Best in Class".  Last year's recipient got a shiny new sponsor and even a stock car ride.  He'll just be happy for a sponsor (and so will we).


6.  Tony Kanaan
Previous ranking:  #6 (no change)

It's just not as fun when he starts towards the front.


7.  Ryan Briscoe
Previous ranking:  #7 (no change)

He can earn brownie points from The Captain if he wins or finishes ahead of Dario and stay in his way....or let Will go by if "Will is faster...."


8.  Dan Wheldon
Previous ranking:  #8 (no change)

Curt Cavin from the Indy Star said that it's possible that he could end up like Buddy Rice and be out of a ride even though he's an Indy champion.  Sadly, I don't see why not.


9.  Marco Andretti
Previous ranking:  #9 (no change)

The Playboy Mansion doesn't like solid finishers….they want WINNERS.


10.  Alex Tagliani
Previous ranking:  #11 (+1)

Starting near Tracy at the back of the grid inspired him to step on it and head towards the front.  It's amazing how he's become a MUCH better oval driver than twisty driver considering his ChampCar background.


11.  Danica Patrick
Previous ranking:  #12 (+1)

SOMEBODY mentioned the idea that IndyCar may or may not need Danica and that Danicamania might be over….




12.  Justin Wilson
Previous ranking:  #10 (-2)

*waits for St. Pete*


13.  Bertrand Baguette


Previous ranking:  #13 (no change)

I need to stop propping up these rookies….the next week they just look like….rookies.


14.  Raphael Matos


Previous ranking: #15 (+1)

That was a nice try.  As Danica proved it's the only way a non Red Car can win here anymore.


15.  Graham Rahal

Previous ranking: unranked

Nice movement up through the field….probably inspired by a possible contract breakthrough....


DNQ (bumped from the field)

Alex Lloyd


Previous ranking: #14 (no longer ranked)

He's going to DNF his way into the Rookie of the Year.  Still a large feat considering the lack of teammate help and Coyne equipment.


Vitor Meira

AJ Foyt V….you read that right....was born last weekend.  Seriously.  100 bucks says SuperTex lives to see Great Great Grandpa status IN HIS LIFETIME.


Simona De Silvestro

So I'm at the gas station last night and this young lady driving an old beat-up Honda is in line buying about a dozen scratch-off lottery tickets….and muttering something about "needing a new car" in a familiar Swiss accent.  Okay, I made that one up.