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INDYCAR: Haiku Tuesday (Don't Let It End Edition)

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Haiku Tuesday Splash Image
Haiku Tuesday Splash Image

Just think. At this time next week, the IZOD IndyCar Series will be on winter hiatus.

I have mental images of Ashley Judd lying in a snowbank and making snow hydras... Mario Moraes driving a snowplow through someone's kitchen... Milka Duno having to brush accumulated snow off of her car WHILE SHE'S DRIVING IT... it's enough to make you want to start singing Christmas carols!

Sadly, it also means that this is the penultimate Haiku Tuesday for the 2010 IndyCar season. So you'll want to get the full experience now while you can - it's not going to last forever!

Hit the jump for the goods...

The off-season looms.
One more year of crapwagons.
But then, twenty-twelve.

HVM not closed.
Just a misunderstanding.
Yes! The "sled" is back!

Power and Frico.
A knock-down, drag-out battle
For the unnamed Cup.

Last race at Homestead.
Next year we'll end in Vegas.
Better crowd, I hope.

Road America.
Not an ISC racetrack.
Make it happen, please.

Last race, KVR.
I hope you don't decide to
Go out with a bang.

Graham to Ganassi?
That's what the rumor mill says.
Chip should grow a 'stache.