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The Paddock Pulse: September 8 Edition

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Paddock Pulse Splash
Paddock Pulse Splash

I sit and ponder about how epic it would be if the Paddock Pulse had gone out next month. 10/10/10! Which is binary for 42, which is the Ultimate Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, And Everything. I think that the Paddock Pulse is at least as interesting as the UATTUQOLTUAE. Maybe I'm just being immodest, though.

At any rate, I know you folks need an antidote to the CRUSHING, SOUL-EMASCULATING result from this past weekend's race at Kentucky Speedway. You know, where the hopes and dreams of IndyCar fans everywhere were dashed thanks to a calculator and a former Dancing With The Stars participant who was able to drive slow enough to avoid pit road.

Thankfully for you, we have this awesome collection of blogosphere links that will help remove the sting. BUT YOU'RE RESPONSIBLE FOR SUCKING OUT THE POISON.

Links after the jump...

  • Willy T. Ribbs Report: Kentucky [The Silent Pagoda]
    Thanks, Hobbson, for introducing Hoosiers to the discussion on the Kentucky race and, in a larger sense, IndyCar in general. How apropos, considering that Hobbson was last seen in Chicago weaving drunkenly past fueling rigs and screaming at Milka Duno, "Run th' picket FENCE at 'em, Milka!" MAKE IT A GOOD ONE, STRAP!

  • An interview with AJ Foyt [More Front Wing]
    Before we go any further, Paul Dalbey at MFW has been upset that the last few Paddock Pulse mentions of his site have all featured fellow writer Steph Wallcraft instead of him. So I guess I owe him this. But I'd have linked it anyway, because anyone who goes toe to toe with a man that eats Metal Cheerios for breakfast (a great source of iron! *rimshot*) and farts testosterone deserves some recognition. And so does Paul Dalbey!

  • What To Look For In A Schedule [Oilpressure]
    As usual, George offers some keen insight and excellent suggestions in his latest blog on the upcoming IndyCar schedule announcement. Sadly, he was not informed that the schedule being unveiled is, in fact, Brian Barnhart's personal schedule. I received an advance copy and SPOILER ALERT: Barnhart is scheduled for a two-thirty session of number twos. He'll be unavailable for at least 20 minutes... an hour if he takes Twilight: The Sparkling in with him.

  • Sarah Fisher Finds Laughter []
    Everyone loves P-Dog for his pithy witticisms, indelible catchphrases and rollicking race recaps, but occasionally he writes something like this - a sprawling, epic feature that at once captures the imagination and causes you to wish that TypePad supported multi-page articles (MY SCROLLING FINGER HURTS!). It's like a literary sausage - a meaty, mouthwatering filling made of equal parts insight, storytelling, and first-person narrative with a couple of rat parts and dead insects for flavor, wrapped in a skin casing made of pure EXHILIRATION. In other words, it doesn't suck.

  • Chicagoland: a look back [So… here’s what I’m thinking…]
    Yay! Meesh is back! Prepare your profanity filters, because there's more salty talk in this article than at a convention of Armenian swabbos straight off a two-month cruise to the Antarctic. The bad news? Meesh was under the weather when she wrote this, so her acerbic edge is dulled just a bit by medication. (WHERE IS MY PRINCESS SPARKLE PONY REFERENCE?!?)

  • Great Day To Announce The Schedule? [You Don't Know Jack]
    Jack Arute is definitely developing as a blogger. This latest missive, while still not reaching the minimum level of the Basement-Dwelling Blogger Whining And Bitching Standardtm, certainly shows that Jack is making encouraging progress. Do I see this as bad news? Of course not! The blogosphere is a diverse melting pot - there's room for both a boring, wordy nobody and a leather-skinned, Snooki-tinted MASTER OF AWESOME like Jack!

Final Thoughts

So Milwaukee is going to be back on the schedule. I'm happy, personally - I'll be even happier if it's the week after the Indy 500, but who knows what hellish soul-selling deal Randy B made with Bruton Smith regarding that twin-bill at Texas. But Milwaukee is a good RACING oval - and though Chicagoland was exciting as all get out, I get really nervous at "pack-racing" events for the safety of the competitors and fans. I'm glad to see Milwaukee back on the roster.

Now all we need to do is get Road America, Phoenix, Cleveland and Portland back and things might start looking up.

Also: P1ppa!