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Thursday IndyCar Potpourri

Who will be on hand with some beer and brats to announce Milwaukee's addition to the 2011 IndyCar schedule? This guy.  (Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images)
Who will be on hand with some beer and brats to announce Milwaukee's addition to the 2011 IndyCar schedule? This guy. (Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images)
Getty Images

It's Thursday, and it's time for what those of us who write like to call "The Easy Out." In other words, I'm going to write an article filled with mental flotsam and jetsam because I'm too damn lazy to turn them into full-fledged articles or blog posts.

The history of this fine tradition goes back to the Stone Ages, when cavemen - tired and shagged out after a prolonged hunt for elderberries - would come back to their caves and spend time doodling instead of painting giant dioramas of sabertooth tigers eating their neighbors, or hunting woolly mammoths, or - in the case of Roy Hobbson's ancestors - licking psychedelic toads and getting 87% of the way towards inventing the wheel before using it as a back scratcher.

Anyway, I don't figure on making this a recurring feature unless it becomes Justin Bieber-popular, so enjoy it while it lasts. I'll probably be back to full-on WINDBAG mode soon enough.

Break out the brats!

The IZOD IndyCar Series will announce tomorrow that The Milwaukee Mile will be added back to the series schedule in 2011. Or, at least, I think they will. They haven't come right out and said so, and the fact that the 2011 schedule announcement is being held at the start/finish line at the Mile with recent Milwaukee winners Ryan Briscoe, Scott Dixon and "Four-Time Winner at The Milwaukee Mile" Johnny Rutherford as guests just isn't enough of a hint.

While I'm glad to see the Mile back on the sked, it's not the first Wisconsin-area track I wanted back for IndyCars. That honor would go to Road America, the nation's greatest natural road course and the spiritual center for IndyCar road racing. Ovalistas will enjoy having another roundy-round on the ticket but honestly I think Phoenix would have been a better choice. Unfortunately, with the cold chill in the air between ISC and IndyCar, that may not happen until 2012.

Still, I'll sizzle a brat tonight to celebrate.

Saavedra wants your money.

Because fan-sponsored race cars have always been an unqualified and unquestioned success, Sebastian Saavedra has followed up his Midnight Ride Away From Bryan Herta Autosport with an appeal to the Colombian flag. Send him your money (through PayPal, no less) to get him into an IndyCar at Homestead, and he's willing to do all sorts of stuff to pay back your generosity - from putting your company logo on his giant Colombian flag banner to mentioning you on Twitter and on Facebook. And there's even an insurance policy - if he doesn't run at Homestead, he'll save your cash to use the next time an IndyCar opportunity comes his way.

Truly an out-of-the-box fundraising concept from the self-proclaimed "most talented Colombian (in) motor racing." And because he's not at all prone to impulsive decisions like, say, quitting his team abruptly with no warning right before a race, there's absolutely no reason to believe that the kind of outright fraud perpetrated by other parties who have tried this kind of "sponsorship by the masses" idea could even remotely happen here.

Ron Artest is not generating publicity for IndyCar

This article about Ron Artest being pulled over in a street-legal open-wheeled automobile was passed around as though it was some sort of viral IndyCar marketing ploy. Someone even suggested that Artest be put in the IndyCar two-seater this year to capitalize on the event.

Now look, I'm sure that Artest is a great guy and all, but why does it make sense to put a guy who, according to the article, isn't a car fanatic at all into a position to pimp a racing series he likely has never heard of just because he's something of a celebrity? We tried that already with Gene Simmons and his Tongue of Destiny - look how well that worked out.

Honda sponsors the 2011 Indy Grand Prix of Birmingham...

...because apparently Legacy Credit Union isn't coming back to sponsor Barber Motorsports Park. If you wondered why the ICONIC engine specs seemed to benefit Honda so much, here's your answer why.