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The Paddock Pulse: November 30 Edition

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Paddock Pulse Splash
Paddock Pulse Splash

It's the last day of November today, but considering that my local adult contemporary station started playing 24/7 Christmas music IN OCTOBER, it feels like it's been December for years.

Of course, it's hard for me to judge because I live in Arizona, and we basically have two seasons here - moderately warm, and DEAR GOD IN HEAVEN MY LUNGS ARE BURNING OUT FROM THE INSIDE. Thankfully, we're currently in the former weather pattern, which is sure to make my predominately-Indianapolis-based readership a little jealous (because SNOW! Bahahahahahaha!).

Anyway, as is the usual at this time of year, the blogosphere is a little light on content quantity, but let me be perfectly frank (or actually Gary - I like that name better) and say that the quality is just as good as always.

Oh, did you hear about Barnhart? You did? Great. ON TO THE LINKS!

  • Inside The 2012 Car's Design & Development Issues [SPEED/Pruett]
    Marshall Pruett is the Sebastian Vettel of the IndyCar blogosphere (I KNOW HE'S NOT A BLOGGER, SHUT UP AND GO WITH IT). When the rest of us on the grid feel somewhat good about our efforts, he'll LAY A WHUPPING ON US from the drop of the green with something like this article. (By the way, in this metaphor, I am probably Lotus. Or Caterham. Or GODDAMMIT PICK A NAME ALREADY.)

  • Let’s all go to the Snake Pit [New Track Record]
    I read this headline as if it were the song from that old drive-in movie interstitial cartoon imploring people to buy snacks. Although instead of an anthromorphic hot dog and popcorn box, it was a dirty needle, a bottle of Jack, and a condom wrapper. But DAMN if it wasn't still a catchy tune!

  • Six Quick Questions With Jack Hawksworth [IndyCar Advocate]
    Seriously, Zach, did you make that name up? I have my doubts, but then racing has always been full of interestingly-named folks, like Will Power, Dick Trickle, Jocko Maggiacomo, and Carburetor McDipstick O'Brakeduct. (I think one of those might be fake. Who would name their kid "Dick Trickle"?)

  • Late Jim Rathmann an Indy legend [ESPN/Oreovicz]
    True story - Jim Rathmann leased sports cars to the Mercury astronauts and was a certified "astro-nut" back in the day. Of course, that was back in the old days before an astronaut would lease a car simply to drive cross country while wearing adult diapers in order to stalk and try to kill a romantic rival. It was a simpler time.

  • MURDERDROMES!!! [anotherindycarblog]
    I think Eric is getting the hang of this self-marketing thing. That's a good thing - it took ME about eight years to figure out that "BITCHSLAP FESTIVAL!" got more page views than "Drivers work out minor disagreement after wreck."

Driver Tweet of the Week

@SpeedyDanClarke: did I win a ChampCar race on again?

Last But Not Least

I knew you had guts but I never figured you for brains.