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The Paddock Pulse: February 16 Edition

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Paddock Pulse Splash
Paddock Pulse Splash

The stage is yours, Tom... rest in peace, brother.


  • A "Cup of Coffee" at the Indy 500 [15 Days in May]
    Interesting concept here, marred only by the omissions of Racin Gardiner and "Bronco" Brad Murphey. Admittedly, their "cup of coffee" was more like an unbrewed bean in a thimble, but hey, give the guys their due.

  • Foyt: Rodney Klausmeyer, Transporter Driver [More Front Wing]
    Can we please put a moratorium on the custom of nicknaming people "______ Dog"? Please? It's so overused. And come on, let's be honest here - with a name like Rodney Klausmeyer, the possibilities are pretty staggering. I didn't even have to think very long to come up with "The Mayor of Klausville" and "Santa Klausmeyer." That might be seen as a sign of mental weakness, but I prefer to call it creativity.

  • An Interview with Paul Diatlovich [No Fenders]
    Tomaso Soup (that's the nickname you get when you ASK to be in the Pulse) interviews Mr. PDM hisownself. This is our first link to No Fenders so I wanted to make the experience memorable. So, Tomaso, expect a package in the mail containing several abused psychotropic toads that I rescued from Hobbson's house, along with a commemorative tea cozy that may or may not look like Ashley Judd's shirt.

  • What Track Will Replace Twin Ring Motegi? [Oilpressure]
    Ask George (and pressdog and many others) and they'll tell you that the loss of Motegi in 2012 must be balanced by the addition of another oval. I don't agree. Balance is for tightrope walkers and drunks who don't want to spend the night in the tank. Give me an exciting event like Surfers or Road America over an oval whose only positive attribute is its lack of right turns anyday. Scratch that. Give it to me today. I'm impatient.

  • A Day Late Or Just a Dollar Short [One Lap Down]
    "Say what you will about Paul Tracy..." DUDE. Jeffster just gave me THE BRASS RING, baby. (Pulls out tattered copy of The Catskills Comedian's Guide to Jazz Age Insults) Take my Paul... PLEASE. Hah-cha-cha-cha!

  • Richard Marx Would TOTALLY Rock the Carb Day Concert, But Should He? (Answer: No) [The Darkened Tower]
    Leave it to Hobbson to want to turn Carb Day into a new Woodstock. I suspect that his new medical marijuana business is going too well and he's having to eliminate surplus stock by baking it into his breakfast - either that, or he just wants an excuse to get hard cards for his pet psychotropic swamp beavers in May. Not to say I don't agree about the music thing, though - just so long as they don't include anything connected with American Idol.

Driver Tweet of the Week

@paultracy3: @JustinWilson22 i am going to nap on your bus this year jdog

Final Thoughts

Pippa Mann will NOT, repeat NOT get married in a White Castle.