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MUWHAHAHAHAHA!!!!  It seems like the boss isn't awake yet!  I have this place ALL to myself!  For now.  An Indycar blog HIJACKED?  Hey good composers borrow, GREAT composers STEAL.  Wait a minute, how can it be considered a blog hijacking when I actually WORK for it?  Whatever, it's all mine until boss-man wakes up.

Hmmm....what to do?  HEY, it's been HOW LONG since the last "Haiku Tuesday"?  That's way too long, just like this offseason has been way too long.  It's been a good offseason so there's so much to haiku about but just a short time to do it. 

I think you can remember the drill.  Haikus after the jump and post yours if you have some of your own.

Got to go....the boss will be clocking in pretty soon and there's an announcement coming this afternoon.


Danica taking
Talents to Daytona Beach
In 2012?

Announcement today
In Las Vegas. I wonder
What they will tell us

This year a lame duck?
Hopefully won't be full of
Damn Red Car parades

The two-wide restarts
Bad idea, since Barnhart
Is running the show

Lots of good mojo
In the offseason this year
Except ABC

Pagoda Silent
See you on the Flipside, Roy
Ditch weed coke can blues

HVM needs coin?
The Swiss Miss goes nuclear
Yep, that should do it

iRacing pricey
Full of pissed-off hack racers
Just like yours truly

The Road to Indy
Another woman present
This one's Shanntastic

The Grahamerican
Now with Red Car racing speed
No more excuses

Ryan Briscoe's wife
Returns to the Twittersphere
Ready to rumble?

Graham vs. Scheckter
Twitter War got personal
Foyt would beat some ass

Paul Tracy full-time?
It possibly could happen
A chrome-horn Conquest?

Tony George is back?
OH NOES! Calm down. He's not in
Charge of much this time