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Haiku Tuesday: We're Baaaaaaaaaaack... Edition

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Haiku Tuesday Splash Image
Haiku Tuesday Splash Image

Just like every school kid ever, we at Pop Off Valve look at the start of the regular season with a mixture of excitement and spoiled lethargy. We're hopeful for good things from the coming season, but we're angry about our laziness being spoiled by actual work. DARN YOU, PRODUCTIVITY.

With the season opener mere days away, it's time to dust off the scrolls and get with the calligraphy (figuratively speaking, of course) for the return of our weekly Haiku Tuesday feature. And yes, we've missed it as much as you have. Maybe more. Probably more.

This week's verses after the jump...

TK has a ride;
He will be Indy's gecko
Dressed in Racing Green.

PT's driving too.
WIX Filters will back his team.
Won't filter his mouth.

I scream and you scream.
We all scream for live streaming.
But we won't get it.

The Thack will be back!
But not so good news for Jack.
No more props for props.

‘Ware the Hildebeast!
Descending from the West Coast
To ravage Indy!

Plenty of new rides.
But isn't there one out there
For Hinchtown's Mayor?

Five million dollars...
Is it enough to purchase
Millions of eyeballs?

Women of Pressdogtm
Pippa and Shannon are fast.
Give them props... and rides.

Simona's sponsor
May have some image issues.
Check your reactors.

Haiku for Japan.
Donate to the Red Cross NOW.
Our neighbors need us.